Sought After Actress Margaret Clunie who stars in ITV's Victoria Talks Brexit, Red Carpet Anxiety And Her Experience As A Model | The Fan Carpet

Sought After Actress Margaret Clunie who stars in ITV’s Victoria Talks Brexit, Red Carpet Anxiety And Her Experience As A Model

21 June 2018

This week’s issue of ES Magazine, out Thursday 21st June

In this week’s ES Magazine, Margaret Clunie opens up about the impact Brexit may have on the cast of ITV’s hit drama Victoria. The actress also divulges why red carpet appearances give her anxiety and her opinions of Salma Hayek’s comment on male actors in Hollywood.

Interview Highlights

On the effect Brexit may have on ITV’s Victoria cast [The production features actors from across Europe, including German actresses Daniela Holtz, as Baroness Lehzen, and Catherine Flemming as Victoria’s mother. For Clunie, it highlights the problem Brexit will cause.] ‘It’ll be the same issue as for America. Actors in January do loads of pilot tapes and if you get the part you have to suddenly magic a visa out of the air. It’ll be really difficult. I’m so sad about it.’



On her struggles as a teenage model [But it was in a different area of the industry that she ended up working, at least for a while: scouted by a model agent on the Tube aged 14, as a teenager she spent her weekends on shoots, later walking at London Fashion Week and working as a showroom model. She found much of it] ‘soul destroying’, [with] ‘seedy photographers giving me s***’ [and a confidence-crushing conveyor belt] ‘You see all these gorgeous young girls being told they’re not good enough, that they’re fat and look awful.’



On Salma Hayek’s comment about men in Hollywood ‘Salma Hayek said that “If men really believe in equality they need to take a pay cut, because if there’s a budget for a film and it’s $10 million, and the lead actor is getting $9.7 million, how’s the rest of the film even meant to function?” I thought that was a really good point.’ [So far, she says,] ‘I’ve never come to a negotiation where I’ve been like, “And how much are all the guys being paid?” I could see it happening in the future. I’d be more willing now.’



On her red carpet anxiety ‘It’s terrifying,’ [she says, eyes widening.] ‘They are all, “Over here!”, screaming your name because someone’s just told them. Then you get off the carpet and they’re like, “Who the hell was that?” And you think, “Thank you so much, I’m dead inside.” You just have to hope you haven’t pulled a really bad face.’

The full interview appears in this week’s issue of ES Magazine, out Thursday 21st June 2018

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