The Fan Carpet's Marc Jason Ali, Raj Virdi and Dave Shacks discovered Big Potato Games at their Games Night at London's Strongroom | The Fan Carpet

The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali, Raj Virdi and Dave Shacks discovered Big Potato Games at their Games Night at London’s Strongroom

22 May 2017

Easy to pick up, impossible to put down!

Last week The Fan Carpet’s Raj Virdi and Marc Jason Ali were accompanied by Dave Shacks for Big Potato Games’s inaugural Games Night at London’s prestigious Strongroom Bar & Kitchen in Old Street, where we were treated to fun and games with a twist!

First up, we played OK Play which is described as a travel game, the object of the game is to connect 5 coloured tile in a row or diagonally, it’s a game like Connect 4 that you have to think about and with being able to play up to 4 players, you really have to be virulent with where the titles are being placed.

OK is the world's most understood word, so makes the perfect name for the world's easiest to understand game.

Take OK Play anywhere and play with anyone. Just grab a stack, throw down tiles and block your opponents until someone sneaks a line of five. It's easy to play, but tricky to win.



Next up we played Bucket of Doom which was a lot of fun, it’s essentially the game for the Macgyver in all of us, and you can be in with the chance of winning your very own copy of Bucket of Doom with The Fan Carpet.

Bucket of Doom is a black comedy story-telling game. You've got to escape from tons of seriously dodgy situations with the help of hundreds of seriously useless objects. Then it's best escape plan wins.

You might find you've woken up as the back end of a human centipede or inside the belly of a whale, with only a foot-long hotdog and an angry beaver to help you.



Finally, we took part in the Big Potato Card Drop Challenge to take home a copy of their popular party game Rainbow Rage!

Rainbows have a naughty side. They like to swap their colours around and it's your job to sort it out.

Race to grab the colours which have swapped places and build your own rainbow to victory. But watch out for traps which can wipe out your rainbow instantly!

Raj and Dave both won the challenge, thank you Big Potato Games and Strongroom Bar & Kitchen, we had a wonderful time and we look forward to attending more Games Nights in the future!

If you are venturing to MCM London Comic Con this coming weekend, stop on by Big Potato Games on Stand 4333 on May 26 to 28 at Excel where they will have Bucket of Doom and their many other fantastic games!

Keep up-to-date with Big Potato Games on their Official website and their Social Channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and learn to play their games on YouTube.

Get their app for Google Play (Android) and iPhone and Become a Death-Dodger and win a Bucket of Doom from Big Potato Games by entering our competition!

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