DUNKIRK, THOR: RAGNAROK, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, LOGAN: Four Hit 2017 Films Which Deserve to have a Sequel Produced | The Fan Carpet

DUNKIRK, THOR: RAGNAROK, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, LOGAN: Four Hit 2017 Films Which Deserve to have a Sequel Produced

10 April 2018

There are some films that receive sequel after sequel in some sort of unending cycle. Horror movies are prime for this, as are older and animated movies. Some, though, disappear into history with nothing more than their first original flash to make an impression. Here we'll list four films released in 2017 which might not ever generate a sequel, but which we think should.

How are we Choosing?
Simple, really. The film can't already have a sequel in production and must have made an impression both on us and the market as a whole. This means films which received high praise to the point where they generated considerable support media. Think things like the films which already have popular soundtracks, local fan groups, cult following, informal games, or those which generate a variety of UK online casino games like Planet of the Apes or Jurassic World. Now then, let’s dive right in.

A tricky film on which to build a sequel, but hear us out. Rather than going for something more direct (and as tone inappropriate) as Dunkirk 2, we could settle for another film set in the same Nolan-built version of World War 2. Perhaps a side story, though an indirect sequel could also work just as well. As long as the vision stays similar to the first entry, we could see ourselves easily buying a couple of new tickets.



"26" (Public Domain) by MrDouglas13

Thor: Ragnarok
We aren’t counting other films in the MCU in which Thor might make an appearance. Chris Hemsworth himself has said that he is no longer under contract to film any more Thor films, though his mind might be changed if the right script and team comes along. This is what gives us hope, as we would love to see another entry into the series with the same comical sensibilities as Ragnarok. Marvel films have always had an element of humor, but nowhere did they hit their peak as well as with this film, so we can’t help but love the idea of another in the same vein.



"Chris Hemsworth" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore
Beauty and the Beast
This 2017 hit starring Emma Watson performed extremely well at the box office, pulling in $1.264 billion. While the main story basis of the animated Disney film is now completed, we can't help but want another visit to the home of this couple. We're thinking something like the Beast's further struggles to identify and cooperate with his fellow humans, perhaps with a new villain who shows what it really means to be a beast. So many possible directions, and it's not like Disney is afraid of a sequel.



"Beauty and the Beast (13)" (Public Domain) by brendarochelle

What Hugh Jackman said would be his last Wolverine film, at least at one time. Since then, the possibility for a crossover of the X-Men universe and the MCU has appeared, which opens an enormous amount of new possible story paths for Jackman’s Wolverine. With decades of possible comic stories to draw from, there is no shortage of material for a new follow-up, and the inclusion of the multiverse and the reality stones of the new Avengers films leaves an open door of possibilities.



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