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Discover the Secret Beauty of Russia with TV Documentary BEYOND YOUR WORLD: INTO RUSSIA From Filmmaker David Urban

12 June 2018



A new online TV documentary will discover the secret beauty of Russia through 28 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

In an epic project, filmmaker David Urban aims to travel across the length and breadth of the world’s largest country, Russia, to film all 28 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, across 11 different time zones. This has never been done before and Urban is set to show the world what Russia is really like through his creative video & image content, which will be regularly uploaded to his YouTube Channel.

101 years on from the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, and with the world’s eyes on the country during the FIFA World Cup, Urban has set out to provide a counterprogramming focus celebrating Russia’s significant cultural and natural heritage, aspects often overlooked and relatively undocumented.

Starting off in Kaliningrad’s Curonian Spit, he hopes to finish the journey high in the Russian Far East on the untouched nature reserve of Wrangel Island.



From nature reserves to remote islands and opulent palaces, Urban will take in the great cities of the west, Moscow and St Petersburg, the oldest city in Russia built 5,000 years ago called Derbent, the snow-capped volcanoes of Kamchatka and a pristine island in the Arctic thought to be the last home and refuge of the woolly mammoth.

The sites provide a key insight into the planet's development over many thousands of years. Urban will travel by car, plane, train and horse! To chart them all. 

The dots on the above map are the regions in Russia where it’s 28 UNESCO world heritage sites are located.

Russia boasts some of the most dazzling cultural and natural displays on Earth, rarely discussed and almost never seen. Very few videos of the sites exist. Urban will film his journey and update followers with regular uploads to YouTube.

Urban says of the trip "I am thrilled to get this chance to travel across Russia and document these sites of huge cultural significance and beauty. Promoting and thus preserving them is of the utmost importance.”

To check out the teaser for Beyond Your World: Into Russia



David Urban is an award-winning 27-year-old film-maker and journalist, formerly employed by The Daily Telegraph newspaper in London and the BBC. Urban follows in the footsteps of his father, Stuart, a BAFTA award winning film writer, director and producer. Urban (junior) was born in London but has Slavic roots on both sides of the family. His mother, Daniça Bezanov-Urban was born in Sombor, Serbia and paternal grandfather, Garri S Urban,

was from Ivano-Frankovsk, now Ukraine, formerly known as Stanisławów under the Soviet Union.

David quotes “Incidentally, this will be the third consecutive World Cup tournament I will have been in the host country for, following South Africa in 2010 and Brazil in 2014, though for different reasons this time around! Less football, more heritage.”

Urban begun his expedition in May and aims to finish by September, 2018. Aeroflot has partnered with David on the trip and will provide flights for him and his crew throughout the journey.

The below picture is one of David's outstanding shots of Kaliningrad's Curonian Spit, the blue skies and white sands offer a range of views for fans at this summer's World Cup. 

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