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Dances with Wolves Oscar winner Michael Blake passes away

04 May 2015

Oscar winning screenwriter, Michael Blake, has died at the age of 69. Blake had been battling long-term illnesses and reportedly passed peacefully in Tuscan, Arizona on Saturday 2nd May.

Blake triumphed in the film world as the screenwriter of the academy award winning, Kevin Costner starring Dances with Wolves (1988). He began his writing career as the editor of a base newspaper called The Strategian, whilst stationed at Walker Air Force Base.

Blake continued his writing career, as a student journalist at the University of Mexico, then as a writer for a Los Angeles underground paper, The Free Press. Following on from this, he went to Berkley to study film, where he first worked with Dances with Wolves producer, Jim Wilson and actor, Kevin Costner.

Dances with Wolves began as a novel, and to Blake’s disappointment, it did not receive a great reception. After Kevin Costner requested him to work on a screenplay adaptation of the book, the movie was released and received praise worldwide and major awards, inclusive of an Oscar.

Blake’s successful career as a screen writer will survive with his wife and children and in his films.

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