Award Winning Filmmaker Cheryl Neve Teams Up with Megan Lockhurst For Fire In The Hole’s Cold War Thriller CHEATING CHARLIE | The Fan Carpet

Award Winning Filmmaker Cheryl Neve Teams Up with Megan Lockhurst For Fire In The Hole’s Cold War Thriller CHEATING CHARLIE

24 May 2018

Cheating Charlie is a tense "Bridge of Spies" style thriller set in East Germany just after the construction of the Berlin Wall starring Megan Lockhurst, Nigel Barber and Leo Staar

The Fan Carpet are proud to show our support for Fire In The Hole Productions’s CHEATING CHARLIE, from Award winning filmmaker Cheryl Neve and starring friend of The Fan Carpet Megan Lockhurst!

Fire In The Hole Productions want to make Cheating Charlie as authentic as they possibly can. That will mean sourcing the best 1960s props, vehicles (including a rare East German Trabant!) and locations that they can find. It's ambitious, but with your help, and careful budgeting on their part, it is possible!

The proceeds from the Kickstarter campaign will go towards the following:

Actor and crew fees
Travel and expenses for the cast and crew
Location hire
Classic vehicle hire
Make up
Equipment (4K cameras, tripods and rigs, lighting)
Post-production (music score, editing)
Entry fees for film festivals



The script for Cheating Charlie has already won the award for BEST SCREENPLAY SHORT at the Festigious Film Festival. Cheating Charlie is about a US diplomat, Nate Barrington, who passes through Checkpoint Charlie in 1963 to buy a priceless painting that has been missing since the Second World War. However, when he arrives in East Germany he unwittingly falls into the hand of a notorious Stasi officer who is intent on using him to undermine the West...



Cheating Charlie is an ambitious project for a short film! I have always been interested in 1960s culture and the Cold War era, depicted in films such as The Spy Who Came in From the Cold or Bridge of Spies, so I really wanted to create my own film that explores this fascinating period.

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About Cheryl Neve - Director/ Writer
Cheryl Neve has previously won awards for her short films Gilded and Lamia, and has also been a judge and lead judge at two international film festivals, Top Shorts and Actors Awards. Her screenplays have covered many genres, including sci-fi, war, horror, drama and thrillers. Having worked extensively on both sides of the camera, Cheryl will draw on her past experience to take Cheating Charlie from script to screen.

About Fire In The Hole Productions
Fire In The Hole Productions is an independent film and television production company established by director Rick Roberts in the South East of England. Rick has not only produced some fantastic war films, but has also advised on TV shows such as HBO's Band of Brothers. He will be helping create Cheating Charlie's 1960s world.

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