"an enticing movie that captivates the audience with simplicity"

Based on Forrest Tucker’s real criminal life, The Old Man and The Gun is a dynamic comedy that romanticises Tucker’s last bank robberies and the sensational interest his case had with public opinion.

Set in Texas in 1970, the film starts with Tucker successfully robbing a bank in the middle of the day. His style is elegant and impeccable. He is not a violent man, he just wants to have fun and make easy money. For Tucker, robbing a bank is like having a dance with a beautiful woman. He is polite, he doesn’t force his hand, and many of his victims describe him as a gentleman.

During one of his heist, detective Hunt is in the bank by chance, and after witnessing the robbery unaware, Tucker captures his interest and desire to reopen his case. John Hunt will stop at nothing to capture him and, through his quest, he starts to get to know Tucker’s past and his charming personality.

Directed by David Lowery, the Old Man and The Gun is quite an entertaining feature. The story in itself is fascinating and highly entertaining. The style is refreshing for a change because it is not an over complication of a simple story to make it more sensational. It is instead a romanticised portray of real events.

Robert Redford is impeccable and charming as Forrest Tucker. His mannerism reflects the elegance of every actor of his generation. Tucker is described as a felon who captured the attention of the public because of his gentleman’s mannerism even while robbing banks. It is reported that he was polite and he never used violence. His style is methodical and Redford portrays him with the same sophisticated charm.

Casey Affleck plays the part of the determined cop with ease. Hunt wants justice. However, while working on his investigation, he also recognises that, what motivates Tucker is not the money, but the thrill of the chase and the challenge of plotting an escape. 

The two characters have in common their perfectionism and stubbornness and Affleck and Redford are quite the good pair as they complement each other as well as highlight their different approach to the story.

Cinematographic representation of the legendary life of Forrest Tucker, The Old Man and The Gun is an enticing movie that captivates the audience with simplicity.