"manages to deliver a great movie with good special effects especially for a low budget feature film"

The Darkest Dawn is a British Sci-Fi movie, the second feature from 22 year old award winning Director and Writer Drew Casson. A follow-up to his 2014 film Hungerford.

The film tells the story of two teenage sisters; Chloe and Sam Murdock (Bethan Leadley and Cherry Wallis respectively) trying to survive and get to safety after an alien invasion. It's told through the eyes of the younger sister by way of her self shot video footage. Having lost their family in the initial chaos, the sisters unite with another group of survivors and embark on a journey out of a battle scarred London to safety, whilst trying to search for news their loved ones.

Whilst the film is not in the league of Hollywood blockbusters and the plot is not entirely original, it still manages to deliver a great movie with good special effects especially for a low budget feature film shot on a budget of £45,000 in nine days with three further days of reshoots. Using it's budget to great effect it manages to deliver an entertaining film that looks much more visually impressive than you'd expect from a film with its budget.

The acting is amiable enough to engage and entertain the audience with some characters better developed than others. As the core characters travel through England we are treated to a variety of tension and action with the film culminating in a slightly farfetched but forgivable 'solution' to an encounter with an alien space craft. Although the film is set during and after the alien invasion, and shows a break down in society there is still a central message of hope in the movie.

Overall I would certainly encourage you to watch The Darkest Dawn and recommend you keep an eye out for it's young talent and what Wildseed Studios has lined up for us in the future.