"He’s done zombies, now Simon Pegg adds aliens to his list"

In our flat, the name Simon Pegg triggers almost instantaneous debate.  Most of the house absolutely love him, citing ‘Sean of the Dead’, and ‘Hot Fuzz’ as two of the funniest films of the last 10 years.  I however, am not quite as convinced.  Yes those films were funny, but in my most humble of opinions they’re hardly ‘must sees’.  ‘Paul’ therefore was an intriguing prospect – would this be the film to change my opinion and unite my flat, or merely strengthen my resolve and allowing the debate to rage on?

Back to that question in a moment – right now, let’s just focus on the matter at hand – ‘Paul’.  As anyone who has seen the trailer or even the poster will know, Paul is an alien.  More than that, Paul is THE alien – the inspiration behind the short, big headed and bug eyed image that is recognized the world over.  Long story short, Paul wants to go home, and enlists the help of uber geeks Graham and Clive to get him to the rendezvous point, along the way dealing with bumbling FBI agents, rednecks, and a God bothering Cyclops.

Unsurprisingly there’s plenty in ‘Paul’ for the sci-fi crew.  Almost every important science fiction film of the last 30 years is referenced in the film in one way or another – some more subtle than others, which combined with some witty dialogue provide plenty of laughs. 

So where does that leave the status quo in the flat?  Much to the chagrin of our neighbors, I’m afraid that the arguments are going to continue for the forseeable future.  Whilst undoubtedly a good film, with plenty of funny moments, ‘Paul’ doesn’t quite provide that stellar cinematic experience that makes me want to compel you all to go and see it.  If you’re a bit of a sci-fi nerd (and I must admit to falling slightly into that category) it’s pretty good, if you’re not, it’s ok, but it won’t blow your mind.