"successfully brings to the screen a compelling story about how complicated it is in politics to maintain a clean moral compass"

In a historical period like the contemporary one, in which the debate against gun regulation is stronger than ever, Miss Sloane highlights what lies behind the scenes of one of the most controversial bills in America. Elizabeth Sloane is a lobbyist, in her line of work you have no time to rest. You have to think ten steps ahead if you want to defeat your opponent, and she is the best in her field.

Always keeping something up her sleeve to save the day, Elizabeth is ruthless and doesn't stop at anything to win. However, when she is approached to handle the campaign against the new gun regulation amendment, instead of choosing the easy side, she picks the difficult challenge of working for the liberals to push the gun regulation bill forward; in this strenuous fight, money can buy anything, but Elizabeth Sloane is there to prove that she will win no matter the consequences.

When it comes to broaching these really difficult subjects, making a movie about how to defeat the gun lobby can be quite a risky move. However, Miss Sloane successfully brings to the screen a compelling story about how complicated it is in politics to maintain a clean moral compass while battling to win a campaign.

From the beginning the pace is amazingly fast. The dialogue is slick and remind of something Aaron Sorkin would write. Every scene is packed with information and the audience doesn't have time to process it. However, this doesn't make the story confusing, on the contrary, it just makes it more engaging to follow and keep up with the fast pace.

The cast assembled is made up of talented and charismatic actors that work together in perfect harmony. Jessica Chastain is the perfect lead for this movie, her commitment to the protagonist is outstanding. She captures and understands the complexity of Elizabeth Sloane completely. Her character might seem strong, determined and unscrupulous, but she is also extremely unstable and fragile, for reasons that are not disclosed to the audience but that make her more human in an environment in which she acts without a shred of compassion or respect for everyone else but her cause.

Alison Pill, Mark Strong and Sam Waterston give brilliant performances to support the protagonist, making her shine while still giving a solid interpretation. All the characters embody the two titans clashing together in the political war against guns regulations. None of them are flat or passive, they are all moved by passion and the thirst to win, but all for their own reasons.

What makes Miss Sloane a great product all around is also the linearity in which the story is told. Even though there are few timeline jumps throughout the film, they only serves the purpose to give context to the audience to understand the ramifications of Elizabeth's actions and decisions she has to make.

The camera employs close ups and unfocused shots to increase the dramatic effect of the scenes and to let the audience connect with the characters through their eyes. The groups scenes instead allow the cast to interact with each other and give every character their moment on screen to give all the necessary pieces of the big puzzle that will be revealed in the end.

It is precisely the bigger picture that is the most important aspect of the movie. The resolution at the end of the film is unexpected and leaves the audience completely satisfied leaving us with a complete picture of the events that unfold.

In Miss Sloane nothing is left behind and everything is resolved and the fact that the audience is completely invested in the story, makes it even more rewarding to see all the lose end tied up when the credit start to roll. In bringing to the screen such a controversial and contemporary story, Miss Sloane successfully entertain and push to reflection the audience on a topic that many wish to ignore.