First Man(2018)

"doesn’t want to be a movie to celebrate a mission or a hero. It is a story about a man. A man who had to face loss and failure in order to make history"

After watching First Man in IMAX, it is clear that this movie didn’t want to celebrate the giant leap for Mankind, but rather the man who made the first step and how, all the failed attempts that lead to the successful mission, shaped Armstrong to persevere and walk on the Moon.

As a di...

by Federica Roberti


"a film that celebrates a woman who doesn’t want to be a slave of Society’s standards and has incredible resilience and strength"

This Biographical drama is based on the extraordinary life of Sidonie Gabrielle Colette, this movie celebrates the famous French writer through the beginning of her career, while exploring her life as an independent woman in a world in which men had all the power.

Directed by Wash Westmor...

by Federica Roberti


"successfully bring to the screen a crime thriller that shines a light on contemporary political and cultural topics"

The Opening Gala of this year’s London Film Festival was Steve Mc Queen’s adaptation of Widows and it is a great portrayal of today’s society in America mixed with a good dose of thriller and action.

After tragically losing their husbands, three women find themselves involved in a d...

by Federica Roberti


"Venom does a good job of building a World without Spider-Man, setting the story in San Fransisco instead of the traditional New York"

Venom is the latest comic book adapted to film from Sony Pictures, based on the celebrated Lethal Protector story arc with shades of the Planet of the Symbioses story arc with the intent on starting a Venom-verse without the inclusion of his superhero counterpart Spider-Man; the question is was i...

by Marc Jason Ali


"you do come away feeling you have been given access to many aspects of the fierce person that is Matangi, Maya and M.I.A"

Raw, honest and no holds barred. M.I.A is renowned for these traits and this certainly comes across in this documentary directed by her friend and director Steve Loveridge.

The documentary is a must watch for viewers who are already admirers of Maya's work but works very well too, for tho...

by Camila Sayers


"a slightly generic yet still very enjoyable story, albeit it being at times a buddy cop-esc plot with buddy cop being replaced by a voice in Eddie’s head"

Venom is Sony’s long-awaited anti-hero flick that was much talked (and quite possibly groaned) about for a while now, considering the stellar offerings from Marvel Studios and Fox it’s got a lot to live up to, the question was: could it do so?

The answer is yes and no, the tone of the...

by Ben Peter Ward