"Lost in equal measure, slicing through every wave together"

‘Styx’ in Greek mythology is a deity and a river, forming a boundary between Earth and the Underworld. It is also the name given to director Wolfgang Fischer's film.

We see the transition that Rieke (Susanne Wolff) makes, from her hectic day-to-day living as a paramedic to embarking o...

by Tremayne Miller

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich(2019)

"The puppets themselves look amazing and as always have their own unique means of dispatching their victims"

A group of people attend an auction/convention with the intention of selling the puppets they own as the puppets were made by a mad man, Andre Toulon, who worked for the Nazis during World War 2. These puppets have the ability to come to life and kill anyone who isn't in favour of The Nazi cause....

by Jonathan Hughes (The Killer Spotlight)


"It’s a shame Greta isn’t as good as the deliciously dark Isabelle Huppert "

Isabelle Huppert proved how expertly she can play a deeply dark and twisted individual in 2016's Elle, which rightly landed her an Oscar nomination, so it’s no surprise that she is the perfect fit for the villain character in Greta. It's just a shame that the film isn't quite as good as she is....

by Hannah Wales

The Haunting of Sharon Tate(2019)

"unjustifiable pig fodder, only for the fanatical-cinema sub genre"

The Haunting of Sharon Tate is one of three films about the late actress scheduled for release this year; there's also Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood starring Margot Robbie and Tate with Kate Bosworth.

The latter film has the support of Tate's sister Debra, and is appar...

by Tremayne Miller

The Sisters Brothers(2019)

"brings the familiar western genre to the screen exploring it with the right amount of humour and nuance with male relationships and bonding at its core"

John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix star as the titular brothers Eli Sisters and Charlie Sisters respectively in this character driven western. It follows the story a pair of hitman bothers, charged by their employer Commodore (played by Rutger Hauer) to hunt down and kill Hermann Warm (Riz Ahmed)...

by Raj Virdi

A Trip To The Moon(2019)

"The childhood idea of wonder, imagination, escapism, a desire to explore and first love is told through the fractured glasses of a troubled boy"

While Damian Chazelle’s big-budget Neil Armstrong biopic First Man might initially seem to be a world away from this independent Argentinian coming of age drama, the two films not only share an oddly similar plot, but a thematic DNA.

Opening with a shot of an abandoned swimming pool, we...

by Phil Slatter