Ocean’s 8(2018)

"has all of the brilliant editing and aesthetic of the well know Ocean's series, but make no mistake, this film stands on its own"

The hotly anticipated all female summer blockbuster Ocean's 8 has arrived and be warned, it's a sizzler.

The film opens with Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) being released from a long stint in prison. Five years, eight months, 12 days and counting, to be precise. We quickly find out that sh...

by Camila Sayers

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom(2018)

"With Fallen Kingdom, he is able to master suspense and intricate scares in an upscale bombastic blockbuster that when these scenes hit, they hit good"


That’s all we come for with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, isn’t it? Dinosaurs romping around on the big screen, jumping out of foliage, and gobbling up the villains as if they were chicken popcorn. Jurassic Park had set a great president 15 years ago and now we’re...

by Cookie N Screen (We Make Movies on Weekends)

All the Wild Horses(2018)

"excellently captures the fierce drive that brings people from all over the world to the Mongol Derby"

There are a lot of taxing sporting competitions all over the world, from the Tour de France to the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race. The Mongol Derby is one of those challenges - a 1000km horse ride across the punishing plains of Mongolia, it takes thoughtful planning, horsemanship and a whole ...

by Jen Scouler

Solo: A Star Wars Story(2018)

"I don’t know definitively if we needed it, but we've got it, and I’m glad we have! Well worth checking out"

When a Han Solo origin story was announced it was met with divisiveness in the Star Wars Fan Community; one side said we didn’t need it, the other was optimistic, and that seems to be what the Star Wars Fan Community is these days; two sides, loving and hating what is presented to us. When the ...

by Marc Jason Ali

The Breadwinner(2018)

"a stirring and impeccable piece that stitches threads of impossible beauty and inescapable hardship"

Cartoon Saloon has become the front runner in hand-drawn animation. Their movies have been impeccable and gorgeous, beautiful sculptures of story-telling that are awash with colour and mystical magic. From The Secret of the Kells to Song of the Sea, the works of the studio are impeccable and bril...

by Cookie N Screen (We Make Movies on Weekends)


"echoes a vulnerable beauty, one that’s held by the older generation, whose appreciation of the world seems so much stronger than in the younger generation"

Edie stars BAFTA nominee, Sheila Hancock, Paul Brannigan and Kevin Guthrie. The film premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June, 2017.

It’s “never too late for you, Edie!,” are the words spoken by the Owner of the café Edie regularly frequents, giving her the ne...

by Tremayne Miller