A Dozen Summers. MAISIE and DAISY McCormack are two, ordinary twelve-year-old girls trying to make their way through the minefield of life in the 21st century. Which, as far as they’re concerned, is largely a case of trying to work out why grown-ups behave so oddly on such a regular basis.

When they interrupt a children’s adventure story in progress, by scaring off the NARRATOR, they hijack the film and proceed to tell the story of their own lives, through the lens of the movies they’ve seen.

JACQUELINE, their mother is a struggling model with a idiosyncratic parenting method. HENRY, their father, a writer who has sacrificed more than they realise to give them a stable home life.

MAISIE and DAISY lead us through their day-to-day life – battling bullies JENNIFER, AUDREY and BETH and the pull of first love – MATTY ARCHER, the school heartthrob for MAISIE and, unbeknownst to DAISY, her best friend SAMUEL for her.

They take us through bad dates with JACQUELINE, home-life with HENRY, school life (with added werewolves and vampires), before finally being forced to take the first tentative steps into adulthood when JACQUELINE finally settles down and they decide to set their father up with their teacher, MISS WALTERS.

And they need to do it all before the story they interrupted re-asserts itself. It’s a race against time – and MAISIE and DAISY are learning it’s not necessarily a race they can win.

And, in the end, that might not be such a bad thing after all.



August 21, 2015


Kenton Hall


Kenton Hall


Ballpark Film Distributors


Comedy, Drama, Family




82 minutes