Zennor Films unveil an Extended Scene and the First Song from the Soundtrack from Stephanie Lynn Hay for Elizabeth J. Cassidy's CATALYST | The Fan Carpet

Zennor Films unveil an Extended Scene and the First Song from the Soundtrack from Stephanie Lynn Hay for Elizabeth J. Cassidy’s CATALYST

12 May 2017

A new romantic drama with an essence of crime and mystery, directed by Elizabeth J. Cassidy

With 11 Days to go, our friends over at Zennor Films have unveiled an exclusive extended scene from Elizabeth J. Cassidy’s eagerly anticipated Directorial Debut CATALYST featuring Lily Mae McGregor and Ryan Ralph Gerrard!

Not only that, in celebrating their anniversary, the team at Zennor Films have unveiled the first song from the soundtrack entitled BURN from the incredible Stephanie Lynn Hay!

Zennor Films presents, 'Catalyst' a romantic drama that makes you question what the human mind is really capable of. Behind the film, is director and writer Elizabeth J. Cassidy. Producers, Ayrton McGurgan and Dima Ziadie. DoPs, Ollie Cipres and Tom Lewthwaite. Lead Cast; Ryan Ralph Gerrard (Outlander, STARZ TV), Jade Marie Joseph (Life Through Our Lens. BBC), Lily Mae McGregor (Tu Si Que Vales).


Having fallen in love eight years ago, a young couple finds their engagement on the rocks. As they desperately cling to the foundations of their relationship, one man knows exactly how to start the fire to burn it down.

Debbie Lowe (Lily Mae McGregor) and Amy Rotham (Jade-Marie Joseph) have been in love since they were sixteen years old. Eight years later, a combination of impulsive behaviour, financial strains, lies, and neglect, have drifted the two further and further apart. Debbie’s impulsive personality has put the couple into serious debt, and Amy’s attempt to save their relationship by hiding this from her only drives them to breaking point. In desperation, Amy takes a highly dangerous risk; elsewhere, Debbie finds herself drawn in by the charm of a mysterious stranger, Tom (Ryan Ralph Gerrard). Though worlds apart, they must both make a choice between truth and lies, before everything they have is destroyed forever.



There's still time for you to help make the film possible. Please give anything you can and become part of filmmaking history!

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