Trailer for Gabe Polsky's Emmy Nominated Documentary IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS Starring Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice & Pele Unveiled | The Fan Carpet

Trailer for Gabe Polsky’s Emmy Nominated Documentary IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS Starring Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice & Pele Unveiled

06 April 2018

Through the eyes of the greatest athletes of all time, IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS is a cinematic journey into the secrets of genius

A film by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Gabe Polsky

Starring: Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice & Pele

IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS, produced in partnership with IMG Films, is a groundbreaking feature documentary revealing the true nature and nurture of the greatest athletes of all time. Through a series of intimate conversations and captivating footage, Polsky leads viewers on an entertaining, thrilling, and inspiring personal journey. The film explores everything from upbringing, coaching, and genetics to creativity, psychology, and philosophy. Featuring original interviews with iconic athletes Wayne Gretzky, Pelé, and Jerry Rice, as well as renowned thought leaders Sir Ken Robinson and David Epstein, IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS resonates beyond the world of sport to realms of self-expression, attitude, and human nature.

“These icons’ trajectories prove that mastery cannot be manufactured,” says Polsky. “That the systems meant to cultivate us often stifle us instead, discouraging qualities that typically define those who leave a mark on the world: imagination, instinct and individuality. In a culture at risk of losing its soul to systems of all varieties, these ideas seem more vital than ever. How can a society so obsessed with success fail to understand its essence? Too many coaches, teachers and CEO’s misunderstand what makes a person thrive. They can’t see when the next Mozart stands before them.”



Will Staeger, SVP Original Content, IMG states “In this film, Gabe Polsky has unearthed an important learning on what it is that breeds success in any field, and it isn't the same daily practice drills, or the ability to follow orders, or being adept at learning a system: instead, it's creativity. Imagination. Innovation. Risk-taking. Some of the greatest figures in sports and education populate Gabe's storytelling, and it will surprise you. It's fascinating, and IMG is fortunate to play a part in bringing this story to viewers.”



RED ARMY, Polsky’s documentary directorial debut, Executive Produced by Werner Herzog and Jerry Weintraub, premiered at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival to unanimous critical acclaim. It was also the only documentary to premiere at the Telluride, Toronto and New York Film Festivals. The film went on to win the Audience Awards at AFI Fest and the Chicago International Film Festival. Polsky was also nominated by the Writers Guild of America for Best Documentary Screenplay. Sony Pictures Classics acquired RED ARMY, and released theatrically around the world to one of the top documentary box office grosses of the year. Currently, Polsky is directing his adaptations of the seminal novels “Going After Cacciato” by Tim O’Brien, “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes and “Butcher’s Crossing” by John Williams.

IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS film sales are represented by Endeavor Content.

Find IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS on the Official Website and Twitter: @GreatnessMovie

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