Supporting Women Empowerment: A Conversation with Faith Elizabeth for the #YesSheCannes Campaign at Cannes Film Festival | The Fan Carpet

Supporting Women Empowerment: A Conversation with Faith Elizabeth for the #YesSheCannes Campaign at Cannes Film Festival

22 May 2018

Ellie Torrez of "The Fan Carpet" joins "Yes She Cannes" at Cannes Film Festival 2018 to support this new women's empowerment project founded by Faith Elizabeth.

What is "Yes She Cannes"?

"Yes She Cannes" is a positive focused female empowerment company I started this year to help celebrate, inspire and empower women in film.

We have many different areas we are working on including our SHE SQUAD (bringing women together to showcase their work and create a community), our SHE SUPPORTERS (companies which are doing amazing things to support women in film which we want to share with others) our SHE SIDE (men who are publicly offering support and encouragement for women in the industry and our SHE SPONSORS (companies who are working with us to help finance and support our company, including this years sponsors "Ultimate Provence" "Halo2Cloud" "Wildcat" "Eccentric Couture" "Matt Gyde LOVE and BE KIND" and "ReccoArt".

We also have several other areas we are launching this year, with plans to expand next year to offer opportunities to support women at the festival in practical ways and encourage women to attend the Cannes Film Festival with helpful guidance and support.



How did "Yes She Cannes" begin?

I have been attending the Cannes Film Festival for the last 3 years and as a result I've been exposed to many opportunities and met so many incredible women within the industry. I wanted to start something which helped bring women together in a positive focused environment to strengthen and empower women in our industry. I know how beneficial it's been for me personally meeting these incredible women, I wanted to share these opportunities with others in order to help women come together, become inspired and grow stronger.


What did "Yes She Cannes" do at Cannes Film Festival 2018?

This year we launched our campaign, we informed people of our campaign and began to raise awareness by distributing badges with our logo and social media tags.

Myself, Faith Elizabeth, along with my new business partner Jennifer Niejadlik, attended many events sharing information about our campaign and raising awareness of "Yes She Cannes".

"Yes She Cannes" held a launch event at the prestigious "American Pavilion" where men and women came together to discuss how "Yes She Cannes" can help in practical ways. This event was sponsored by our SHE SPONSORS, in addition to gift bags being distributed with "Yes She Cannes" merchandise and gifts from our sponsors included.






Thanks Faith for this information on your wonderful new campaign.

Thank You Fan Carpet for talking to me today and helping spread awareness of our campaign.



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