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Spoilt for Choice with Netflix… Amazon Prime Video… iTunes… Hulu… Streaming: Is Small the Future of Viewing?

11 August 2017

Do you even have a TV set anymore? No, I don’t mean that 70-inch flatscreen beast that’s hanging on your wall, because that’s not a TV anymore; it’s your computer monitor. Think about it, what would you do if you couldn’t use it to access the internet or pull up files from your hard drive?

Thousands of channels and nothing to watch — when you want to watch it; this might as well be the definition of cable TV.

Sure, you can DVR whatever you like, but why bother when you can easily access streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime? Why bother recording your shows and movies when you can watch them on demand?

The Streaming Generation

Everybody over 40 remembers the old days of cable TV, if you didn’t set the timer on your VCR (yes, everybody had one once), you missed your show and had to wait for summer reruns to catch up. Worse — you had to fast forward through the ads, which was a drag.

Who remembers picture quality pre-2000s? There wasn’t any! Those old cathode tube TVs gave a fuzzy reflection of reality at best. Enter the modern age; now high definition is the standard, not a perk. Few under 30 know what TV static is, or the joys of blurry, sometimes doubled analog reception.

How Do You Watch Your Shows?

In old sci-fi movies, the future was all about giant TV screens dominating whole walls, but what actually happened? Sure we got the super sized TVs they promised us, but everybody is enjoying streaming media of all kinds wherever they want on easily carried mobile devices. From laptops and tablets to phones — the future can also fit in your pocket.

When You Want the Best HD Video Experience

Today’s movies are intended to be enjoyed in HD, and smartphone technology can now rival anything you’ll find on a modern TV. Small can be amazing!

Even most mid-range phones will render video comparable to the majority of flat screen consoles, but it can be hard to get into your favorite flick with buttons and assorted distractions around your screen. One company responded to the demand for an immersive experience within the confines of a mobile device display: Samsung.

Samsung has now introduced the infinity screen, found on the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus. The infinity screen display stretches the image from edge to edge, giving you an immersive viewing experience. Infinity screen technology means get a bigger screen without lugging around an oversized device. And, consider this; the Galaxy S8 came with a (not uncommon) 5.8-inch display, while the Galaxy S8 plus offers you a surreal 6.2 inches of play area for your eyes!

Get Into the Story from Wherever You Are

Mobile technology lets you enjoy the future of movie streaming:

  • Watch wherever you are
  • Watch whenever you want
  • Watch whatever you want

When you want an intimate movie experience, when you need to tune out your commute, your environment or just chill without somebody making stupid comments when you just want to dig the action — your mobile device is a private universe that only you inhabit.

Do you honestly want to wait until you get home to your massive TV just to catch some me time with your fave movie franchise? I didn’t think so; because the future of streaming movies is small.

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