31 May 2018

Over the years, a number of video games have inspired blockbuster movies that feature popular characters and settings from the original video game.

Video Games that made it to the Big Screen

Video games have attracted players of all ages for many years and some of these games have appealing storylines and characters that players can relate to. When a video game enjoys great success, there is the chance it will become the basis of a movie, like many have over the years. Movies that are based on video games can be very entertaining and gamers who are avid fans will love seeing their favourite characters take form in blockbuster hits. There have been amazing video game movies that have been created over the years along with some that have not been successful at all. Here, we take a deeper look into those blockbuster hits that are based on thrilling and action-packed video games that have been played by gamers all over the world.



Most Successful Video Game Movie

While many games have been turned into movies, there is one that stands out in the crowd. Tomb Raider was a huge hit for gamers and players fell in love with the main character Lara Croft. In fact, the character and the video game were so popular that a number of Tomb Raider video slots were released to give players a chance to join Lara Croft on the reels. These video slots are often enhanced with bonus features inspired by the video games and offer cinematic animations and sound effects to keep players at the edge of their seats. 

This amazing sci-fi and action film starred Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft and some other well-known names were featured in the film, including Noah Taylor and Daniel Craig. The Tomb Raider movie was based on the video game and when it appeared in the big screen, it attracted fans worldwide. As viewers go on an adventure with Croft, they see how she leads a double life and will enjoy the intense action scenes showing off her combat skills. With a runtime of 93 minutes, this has been one of the most successful video game adaptations to hit the screen and it was a blockbuster hit, attracting the attention of avid gamers of all ages.

This Tomb Raider film was the first to appear on the screen and there have been others to follow. In fact, a new Tomb Raider movie is now playing in theatres and was just released in March of 2018. This new action adventure film is expected to be a huge hit, just like the original. The new film stars Alicia Vikander and Dominic West.



Rampage Blockbuster Offers Many Game References

Rampage is a hit movie based on the popular video game and stars Dwayne Johnson. While the movie was enhanced and not entirely based on the game, there were many references to the 1986 arcade game that may have been missed by viewers who are not gamers. The directors and producers made some major changes in the film and the major one is how, and even why the monsters exist. In the original video game, each monster is a result of circumstance and in the film, the monsters are formed from genetic alteration programs. While the 2018 Rampage movie is not remotely close to depicting the video game in terms of the storyline, there were many references, showing that the creators of the film did their homework and learned what made Rampage such a huge video game hit years ago. Many of the action scenes of people and vehicles being strewn around the setting, the film does mirror the chaos that was enjoyed in the video game.



Upcoming Movies Based on Hit Video Games

Even though video game movies are not always highly rated or well received, there are a number of films that are in the works, all based on video games. One is a second edition of The Angry Birds Movie. The first movie was made in 2016 and a new version is due to be released in 2019. The first movie was a blockbuster hit that generated $346 million in revenue, so the sequel that will be seen in September 2019 is expected to be just as appealing and will draw the attention of gamers who have enjoyed this social media based game.



Minecraft is another popular video game that is being enjoyed by players of all ages. The game has recently been enhanced with the addition of Story Mode and the exciting and blocky world of Minecraft will soon be enjoyed on the silver screen. The script for the film is being written by Jason Fuchs and it is due to be released in May of 2019. It is expected the movie will be a huge hit and will possible be a sell-out opening like The Emoji Movie.



Gamers who have been playing handheld devices for years will be familiar with Pokémon games and the recent Pokémon Go social media game was a huge hit, even attracting older players. One new movie to watch for in 2019 is Detective Pikachu, a mystery that is all based on the popular character from the Pokémon video games.



Any fan of arcade games will know the title Dragon’s Lair. This game was unique since it was played like it was an interactive movie, so it comes as no surprise that his game will soon be turned into a movie. There is not a lot of information in filming or even who is starring in the film and there is an unknown release date, but fans of older video and arcade games will surely be awaiting the release of Dragon’s Lair: The Movie, which should probably hit the screens in 2019 along with the other video game based films that are currently being created.



Finally, Five Nights at Freddy’s is a movie that is expected to come out soon and this will be from the same studio that offered Get Out and Insidious. Based on the indie horror game series, Five Nights at Freddy’s will surely be a thrilling film as it combines comedy and horror in one.

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