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National Survey: Invisibility Revealed as the Nation’s Most-wanted Superpower, Healing and Time Travel in the Top Three

04 August 2016

Survey reveals the UK’s top 10 most-desired super powers and favourite superheroes and villains

• Invisibility, healing and time travel ranked top three super powers

• 85% of people would choose physical over mental powers

• People believe that mind control and animal communication could become future realities

• The survey also revealed Superman as the nation’s favourite superhero and The Joker as their top supervillain

New research released today reveals invisibility as the nation’s most wanted superpower. With an epic selection of superhero movies dominating the big screen this year, surveyed 2,000 people on all things superhero, including predictions of what abilities the human race will evolve in the future and their favourite superheroes and supervillains.

The top ten most-wanted superpowers cover a mix of physical and mental abilities. However the UK clearly values brawn over brains with 85% of favouring physical powers. Made famous by X-Men’s Wolverine, the ability to heal rapidly takes the second spot (14.5%), Dr. Strange’s forte, time travel, takes the third spot (13.8%), Superman’s favourite pastime, flying, is in at fourth (11.9%) and immortality, the bane of Deadpool’s existence, takes fifth place (8.55%).

The survey also reveals the nation believes that we could be a race of mutants in the making. The top five superpowers predicted to evolve in the future were cited as mind control (17.6%), communicating with animals (15.5%), healing (14.9%), telepathy (14.8%) and weather manipulation (13.45%).

Brace yourself for keyboard warrior backlash, as results also shed new light on that age-old debate: Who is the greatest superhero of all-time? Fan favourite Superman flies in on top (37%), long-time rival Batman swoops in to take second place (32%) and Spiderman snags third (22%). Batman’s nemeses dominate the supervillain rankings, with The Joker (45%), The Penguin (22%) and The Riddler (20%) taking the top three spots.

Superheroes survey was commissioned by

We have the full breakdown of results below.

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• 2,000 people were polled by in July 2016

Full results breakdown:

Top 10 most-wanted superpowers:

1.       Invisibility (15.15%)
2.       Healing (14.5%)
3.       Time travel (13.8%)
4.       Flying (11.9%)
5.       Immortality (8.55%)
6.       Teleportation (6.55%)
7.       Communicating with animals (6.2%)
8.       Mind control (5.15%)
9.       Telepathy (2.45%)
10.   Superhuman strength (2%)

Body vs brain: The most popular superpowers overall are:

• 85% physical
• 15% mental

Future-humans: The top 5 abilities people predict will evolve in the future:

1.       Mind control (17.6%)
2.       Communicating with animals (15.5%)
3.       Healing (14.9%)
4.       Telepathy (14.8%)
5.       Weather manipulation (13.45%)

Top five favourite superheroes:

1.       Superman (37%)
2.       Batman (32%)
3.       Spiderman (22%)
4.       Wonder Woman (17%)
5.       Iron Man / The Hulk (tied, 13%)

Top five favourite supervillains:

1.       The Joker (45%)
2.       The Penguin (22%)
3.       The Riddler (20%)
4.       Lex Luther (19.9%)
5.       Catwoman (16%)

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