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May the 4th be with you… Bossa Proudly Presents Starch Wars

04 May 2015

Taking its cue from a certain film series, Bossa Studios is set to deliver a new slice of gaming action with STARCH WARS - a new loaf; a fully playable space combat simulator set, quite literally, in the I AM BREAD universe.

Following the destruction of the petrol station, the remaining crumbs of the rebellious fleet have been intercepted as they head to the planet of all-dough-naan. a lone freedom fighter with the call sign bread leader picks up the distress signal and speeds to their aid. and yep, you guessed it; he's their only hope.



Anyone owning I AM BREAD will be able to warp into starch wars simply by having completed the game's opening chapter. its time to embark on a breadly mission against dough baker's squadrons of rye fighters before attempting to make toast out of the starch destroyer.



Preview STARCH WARS trailer below  and MAY THE FOUGASSE BE WITH YOU.



To keep up to date with Bread's exploits both in and out of this world do that follow and like thang on Twitter: @IAMBREAD and Facebook, and for more on Bossa’s current & future projects visit Twitter, Facebook and the official website.


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