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Johnny Depp Will be the “Guest Of Honour” At Cineramageddon – New Post-Apocalyptic Cinema Event at Glastonbury

12 June 2017

Cineramageddon is a unique five day film festival within Glastonbury Festival, conceived and curated by director Julien Temple

The first event of its kind will screen must-see movies in state-of-the-art projection onto the biggest cinema screen in Britain. The nocturnal audience will be seated in a post-apocalyptic drive-in auditorium courtesy of artist Joe Rush, featuring seventy mutated vintage British and American cars, repurposed funfair rides and a Lear jet.

“Guest of Honour” Johnny Depp will introduce his personal choice of films that will be screening through the night on Thursday 22nd June and will discuss his selections in person with curator Julien Temple.

“Right from the start Johnny has pioneered a new kind of rock 'n' roll cinema attitude and we are blown away to have both him and his game-changing movies as our honoured guests at this opening edition of Cineramageddon."
Julien Temple

Each of these films holds a special significance for Depp and he outlines his reasoning for the choices:

“This is one of those films that got lost in the shuffle. It’s a film that a lot of people on which worked very hard, and one that I am very proud of. The second Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot, is a man that everyone deserves to know more about. He wasn’t just some drunken jester. He was a sublime wit in the court of King Charles II and an individual of great literary importance.”

“Jim Jarmuch's epic visual poem. It's unlike anything else. A film which means many different things to many different people. It was an honor to be part of something so unique and profound.”

“No film has ever made me laugh more, or filled me with so much joy… and dread! For me, this is perfect cinema. As perfect as ‘Chinatown', as 'The Godfather', as 'Time of the Gypsies'. Genius.”

If you are already attending Glastonbury Festival, reservations for the cars can be made online at the box office.


Johnny Depp Profile

CINERAMAGEDDON is a five day film festival within the festival, curated by director Julien Temple, a new kind of rock 'n' roll cinema attitude, outside and under the stars.

Rising out of the Arthurian mists of Avalon and the world famous Glastonbury mud, CINERAMAGEDDON is a unique post-apocalyptic and nocturnal ambience in which to watch an unforgettable program of films in ways never seen or dreamt of before.

Watch must see movies with legendary renegade movie guests, stars in a new sculpture field courtesy of artist Joe Rush featuring an auditorium of sixty mutated vintage American and British cars, repurposed funfair rides and a Lear jet.

“This is the biggest thing of the year,” says Michael Eavis



Presented by event and film producer Stephen Malit, with technical supervision by Michael Denner, the 2000 capacity CINERAMAGEDDON will run from Wednesday night through to dawn on Monday - a midsummer movie explosion that will take the audience on a thrilling cinematic journey through the Glastonbury night and out the other side.

Black Lamp Daytime Cinema Tent
Alongside the nocturnal Cineramageddon arena, the Black Lamp - a 500 capacity daytime cinema tent - will screen a provocative selection of films throughout the day, often followed by talks and Q&A sessions with the filmmakers and cast.

Kicking off daily with our leisurely 'Breakfast with Bresson' film at noon, our documentary and activist slot will screen challenging new films such as Queerama with director Daisy Asquith and the citically acclaimed I am Not Your Negro

Then in keeping with the whole Glastonbury vibe, a dedicated music documentary matinee performance will include Francis Whatley's two great David Bowie films, and Keith Richards – The Origin Of The Species.

Finally, before the big evening music shows kick in, the Black Lamp will invite you to enjoy some of the latest, coolest independent feature films on the block – amongst this year's selection, The Handmaiden and the new, must see British comedy Brakes, starring the Mighty Boosh team amongst it's great British cast.

Julien Temple - Director

Joe Rush – Field Design

Stephen Malit - Producer

Film producer credits include Hector (2015) starring Peter Mullan, Under Milk Wood (2016) starring Rhys Ifans & Charlotte Church and award winning documentary London The Modern Babylon (2012).

His relationship with Julien Temple stretches back over 10 years to Assistant Director on The Future Is Unwritten (2007) followed by producing Oil City Confidential (2009), Glastopia (2012) and over 10 music based films with Ray Davis, Madness and The Sex Pistols.

Notable other producer credits include Mike Figgis directed films Long Love Live (2008) and the explicit 4 Dreams of Miss X (2007) starring Kate Moss as well as international co-production Fox’s Tale (2008) starring Bill Nighy, Miranda Richardson and Sienna Miller.

Stephen has also managed and produced projects for Damien Hirst, the Comic Strip and the Tate & Haywood Galleries, as well as each of the impresarios Michael White, Jeremy Thomas and Robert Fox.

His event credits include 21 years of the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and Unfairground, the late night area at Glastonbury. Cinema Events include wide release cine-casts of Oil City Confidential (2012), Who’s Gonna Love You Now (2017) and Hippopotamus (2017).

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