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Introducing Actress Sasha Wilhelm Produced and Stars In Stefana Brancastle’s THE MECHANISM OF SUSPENDED TIME

13 September 2017

Won Best film award at Barcelona Planet Film Festival

Won Best Cinematography award at Barcelona Planet Film Festival

Won Best soundtrack award at Barcelona Planet Film Festival

Won Best film award at The Best Film Awards International Film Festival

Award of Excellence at Global Shorts LA International Film Festival received in November 2016

Sasha Wilhelm, a hugely multi-talented Belgium actress is proud to present her award-winning short film ‘The Mechanism of Suspended Time’, which she has produced, co-written and stars-in. This film is an original French period/romantic comedy about true love, set in Paris about two destined lovers, Camille (played by Sasha Wilhelm) and Pierre (played by Yohann Chopin), who are from two rival Master Clockmaker families.

The two souls meet through very strange events caused by a mysterious pocket watch. Their love is forbidden by a painful past. However, the great force of true love is at work through a powerful tool, which creates the right time & right place for all that really matters in life. Will this change their destiny forever? The film is directed by Stefana Brancastle and the narrative voice-over is by acclaimed Belgian actor Bernard Cogniaux.



This film is homage to the Golden age of cinema and has been shot entirely using traditional film making techniques, successfully winning numerous international film awards (see above).

Sasha Wilhelm says "Observing an intimate & underplayed acting performance from the cast, we wanted the audience to experience this film like reading a book - allowing them to enjoy their own imagination as much as possible. Although the story is in French, we shot the film in London, where we found a very talented team of collaborators. We did not use computers to create the sets or the effects, we used original hand-made models and hand-drawn art work. I was also inspired by the work of the Asian director Wong Kar Wai whom I admire very much."



Prior to Sasha producing ‘The Mechanism of Suspended Time’, she was the lead in two dramatic short films in the UK, ‘Kidnap’ by Stephen Parker and ‘The Wait’ by Ed Duffield and took part in a short French film ‘La Non Génération’, directed by Juan Pittaluga.

Sasha is a dynamic, young and up-and-coming talent in the film industry. She will be shooting 3 films in the US in the coming months, including ‘Sarah Q’ from Director John Gallagher, about a girl of a fairly simple background going to NY to pursue her acting dream. The second film is a dramatic comedy inspired by true events called ‘Heavy Shadow’, about young, overweight teenagers attending summer camp and trying to get in better shape. Sasha plays one of the camp counsellors. The third film is a Tarantino like western, called ‘Death’s just a jingle away’ by director Joe Pomarico.

Sasha studied social anthropology at the University of London (SOAS) before relocating to NYC where she continued her studies in Film and Drama and also studied at the renowned Cours Florent Drama School in Paris.

The Mechanism of Suspended Time Film Page

Find Sasha Wilhelm on her Website and Instagram.

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