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Gascoigne + Live Q&A with Gascoigne and Friends on Monday June 8

27 May 2015

As one of the greatest English footballers ever to have played the beautiful game, Paul Gascoigne is a fascinating man. His addictions and lifelong troubles have become as famous as his prowess on the pitch, and in this candid documentary he takes us through some of the pivotal moments of his life, both emotional and professional.

Born in 1967, Paul Gascoigne showed an exceptional talent for football from a very early age, and won over the nation in the 1990 World Cup semi-final, when his passion for the game manifested itself in tears. Having retired from professional football, he has been involved in a number of encounters with the law, including an infamous participation in the case of Raoul Moat.



This no-holds-barred film tells Gazza’s story from his perspective, and shows the man himself as he is today. With exclusive interviews and a very honest approach to the nature of fame, Gascoigne is a captivating account of the life of England’s most infamous footballer.

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Gascoigne is in cinemas for one night only on June 8, and on Blu-ray & DVD June 15

Purchase tickets to the Gala premiere + Live Q&A with Gascoigne and Friends at: Ritzy, Brixton

There are also screenings with a satellite Q&A at the following cinemas:

Empire, Leceister Square

Showcase Cinemas



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