The Fan Carpet's Steve Lillie spoke to JP Mandarino and Charlie Morgan Patton at the Sci-Fi London Premiere of The KAOS Brief | The Fan Carpet

The Fan Carpet’s Steve Lillie spoke to JP Mandarino and Charlie Morgan Patton at the Sci-Fi London Premiere of The KAOS Brief

05 May 2017

Last night, Sci-Fi London played host to to the European Premiere of JP Mandarino’s The KAOS Brief and The Fan Carpet’s Steve Lillie was in attendance to not only review the film but talk to Charlie Morgan Patton and Writer/ Director JP Mandarino!

Speaking to JP Mandarino about the filming technique, he said “If I don’t have more than one camera angle, I have nothing to cut to.

Most of the footage used really was filmed by the cast on iPhones and various gadgets. So, when the intrepid foursome set out on their camping expedition, there’s ample justification for continuous filming. This applies not only to Skylar but Dakota, Cory, and Tren - allowing the audience to watch the horror unfold from various viewpoints.”



Talking about his Actors, JP commented “The actors, for the most part, were also the camera people.

This lead to some complicated editing but also opened up the process to many “happy accidents” that added to the movie.

“We took them to the beach after casting and just had fun. They all instantly bonded and became good friends. When filming we all stayed in the same house and that leads to nothing but high jinks and fun. That chemistry translates into the film.

The KAOS Brief is a movie that’s carried by its core cast. It’s a scenario we are all familiar with: a small group of teens heading off to an isolated place to be killed one at a time, in some hideous way… or at least that’s what we are expecting. The usual suspects in such a venture are often unlikable and quarrelsome, but this is not true of our heroes in The KAOS Brief. One of the great strengths of the film is the charisma and on-screen chemistry between the actors.”



Addressing the script, JP added “I wanted the script to be accurate to eye-witness reports.

In writing The KAOS Brief, I researched real-life reports of UFO sightings, and alien abductions. So, while most viewers will be familiar with the classic sci-fi motifs used in the film, there are twists and reveals aplenty to keep things fresh.”

Charlie Morgan Patton added “It was fun being able to play around with it.

A tightly-scripted film in this genre would just not work. So, although there was a script, improvisation was encouraged and utilised to great advantage throughout the filming. The result is fresh and believable.”


Addressing the possibility of a follow up, JP commented “There’s much more story to tell.

I’ve already planned out two other movies expanding on the story. The next film will be a prequel, presumably covering the childhood traumas of Skylar and Dakota (twins). This is intended to be a mixture of found footage and more traditional, narrative filming techniques. The third film in the trilogy will deal with the aftermath of The KAOS Brief, which ends on a cliffhanger that definitely leaves you wanting to know more."

In a quick pole of cast and crew, the consensus is that ET is out there, they are believers! Will this film make you a believer too?


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