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#BringBackFunHouse Campaign Launched on IndieGOGO with Pat Sharp and the Fun House Twins set to return for Live Attraction

14 June 2017

Let’s re-run the Fun!

Your chance to help make the return of Fun House possible as a live attraction!

Fun House mega-fan Glen Middleham and a group of his friends and colleagues need your help to launch a live event version of the classic TV show in London. They have been working with the original Fun House creative team to design a truly authentic experience, planned to include many of the games you used to adore as a child.

Glen says "It would be a dream come true to actually get to play Fun House for real! I remember so very vividly watching Fun House with my younger brother and us being captivated by every second of the show; wanting desperately to be a part of it."

In teams of 6 Reds vs 6 Yellows, you’ll be able to play wacky games, race the Fun Karts, tackle the vast ball pool and take on the gigantic Fun House itself in an experience which is planned to last 1h 45mins.

Fun House legend Pat Sharp is in full support of the idea. Pat says "I hosted Fun House for 11 years and had a ball doing so. To have the opportunity to be involved in such a special venture and have the chance to re-run the fun for real is so fantastically exciting!"



And wherever Pat goes, the original Fun House Twins - Melanie and Martina - aren’t too far behind!

The Twins say, "We both had some of the best times of our lives in the Fun House, and the thought that we might get to return to such a happy place is almost too exciting to cope with!"

The IndieGoGo campaign is the only place to get your hands on tickets. To reward early campaign supporters, there are tickets at a whopping 60% discount on standard prices and additionally there are over 2000 tickets priced at only £25!

Other perks in return for pledges of support start at just £10 – Pat’s Balls of Fame for which Pat Sharp will pull out his Pat Sharpie and personally handwrite a name of your choosing on a plastic ball, sign it and throw it into the Fun House ball pool!

Also, if you have very, very, very deep pockets (a single donation of a meagre £650,000 – the campaign goal) and fancy a laugh at Pat’s expense, he has extremely reluctantly agreed to entertain the possibility of re-running the mullet!

Pat says "They twisted my arm, then twisted it some more, and then gave it another twist for good measure. Nobody needs to see that hairstyle again! Correct?! I’ve only agreed to it because there’s no chance that anyone will back the perk!"

Let’s re-run the Fun!


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About Fun House
Fun House
aired on CITV from February 1989 and ran for 11 years (146 episodes) until December 1999.

Glen Middleham & Mark Wells who are the chief creatives behind the project are experienced Entertainment, Factual Entertainment and Factual television producers with a combined 50 years production experience. They also have live staging and theatre experience and a passion for immersive and interactive destination entertainment.
For more info on the creative team.

Destination Entertainment is the company set up to provide and service the attraction in the event of the IndieGoGo campaign fully funding.

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