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Being A Role Model for those Lacking Self-Confidence: A Conversation with Global Social Media Influencer Nastya Swan

15 January 2019

Nastya Swan is a young Russian-born social media influencer and artist based in New York. Through her dedication and commitment, she has become a role-model for many young people across the globe, inspiring them to be more self-confident and stand up for what they believe.

In less than five years, Nastya has built over 851k Instagram followers and 602k subscribers on YouTube, receiving over 35 million views for her video blogs. Her aim is to inspire people and become a role model for young people, especially women, who increasingly lack self-confidence and seek motivation.

Nastya believes the chance to talk and be heard is a precious freedom in society, which drives her to discuss emotive topics about confidence, self-care, well-being and freedom – across any social platforms. She opened-up to us more about this passion in an interview discussing her work on Instagram; how she started, which brands she works with and how she interacts with her followers on a daily basis.


Nastya, you have 851k Instagram followers. Did you know from the beginning that you would become so popular on social media? How did it all start?

When I was 13 years old I was an absolutely fearless and dreamy girl, but I suffered from a feeling of neglect with a lack of attention being shown from my family, mainly because they were always busy with their own work. I decided one day to create a YouTube channel to share my life with other people. I told myself that I just wanted to find voices of support and empathy all around the world. I had been sharing my travels, interests, and thoughts on certain situations in my life and people started to follow me and moreover, started to relate.

I got bullied at school for doing something unusual, which is obvious, but I knew that I was on the right path, so I never considered the need to stop creating the content and put it out. While all my teenage friends were drinking, partying or hanging out, I was basically growing my own business. My passion was fuel for my work and every day I tried to improve my skills in editing, shooting videos and talking openly with the camera. I’m proud and happy that I kept myself busy from such a young age.

Now, I could not be more grateful for the audience I have built, because they always support me, get my back and don’t let me give up. After 3 years of rapid growth from my YouTube channel, I was brave enough to leave Russia and move to NYC, because I truly believe that this place has magical energy and presents real opportunities to create and be who you want. Now that I am here in New York, lots of new people have started to follow me extremely quickly because they identified with my issues and felt like they are a part of my life.


What are your posts all about and how do you interact with your followers?

In every post I try my best to provide support to people, because I know that on the other side of the screen is a girl or boy who wants to be valuable, confident and loved person. I give advice on improving health, happiness, and motivation.




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