Actor Aidan Turner talks POLDARK’S upcoming season and those James Bond rumours in the Latest Issue of the i newspaper | The Fan Carpet

Actor Aidan Turner talks POLDARK’S upcoming season and those James Bond rumours in the Latest Issue of the i newspaper

01 June 2018

This Friday’s i newspaper features Irish actor Aidan Turner, who talks exclusively about the return of the highly anticipated POLDARK series, which hit screens on Sunday 10th June.

In this candid interview, the actor discusses why he avoids social media and his future plans to play the iconic role of 007.

Interview highlights:

On why he maintains a certain level of fitness [He adds that he does not hit the gym specifically to prepare for the frequent moments where his shirt miraculously disappears.] “I have to keep relatively fit just to fit into the costumes actually. That's the secret. Also, the fights are never too far away with Ross. So I’m always training for them – but just at the clubs at the weekend.”

On why he avoids social media “It’s very nice to know the show’s popular,” [he adds.] “But I never feel that pressure. I just try not to fall off my horse.” [The fact that Turner has sworn off social media also no doubt helps him avoid much of the hype that surrounds his alter ego.] “Social media is just not my thing. Not my jam. I just don't need it in my life. I don't care to listen to people who I don't know criticising me - there's nothing I get from it.”



On how his character Ross Poldark develops in Season 4 “There are of course parts of that ego which make him work; he's a gambler by nature, he's on the front foot, he's a hard worker and he takes chances. But he wouldn't be an interesting person to play and it wouldn't be very truthful if he just made all the right decisions.” [The other intriguing aspect of this season is how Poldark copes with the realisation that Demelza has been unfaithful with Hugh.] “It's not just a fling that Demelza has with Hugh. It doesn't seem like some sort of revenge attack by her – she and Hugh properly fall for each other,” [says Turner.] “Ross understands what that is. Marriages and relationships are complex and they can be tricky.”

On those 007 rumours “There's someone else playing the role - I always feel weird talking about it. It's come up a lot in recent times. When it's free, I'll have a look at it. But it’s not free now.”

This in an extract from the full interview with Aiden Turner, available to read in this Friday’s issue of the i newspaper, priced at 60p.

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