Date of Birth : Apr 18th 1968

British-born Canadian actor best known for his role as Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay on the science fiction television show Stargate Atlantis.

David Hewlett has appeared in many low-budget horror movies, such as The Darkside and the minor cult favourites Scanners II: The New Order and Pin.[2] He also guest starred in several television series. In 1996, he landed one of his better-known roles, as Grant Jansky on Traders. In 1997, Hewlett worked again with Natali, starring in the critically-acclaimed thriller Cube as Worth the architect, a role that saw the rise of his stardom due to the commercial success of the low budget Canadian film.

A self-confessed science fiction fan, Hewlett has been quoted saying that Doctor Who is what first sparked his love for the genre and that he made science fiction when he was younger in England on his 8 millimetre camera with friends. Hewlett more or less had his early dreams of working in science fiction made into a reality when he first had a four-episode guest role on Stargate SG-1 as the Stargate expert Rodney McKay, which eventually grew into his starring role on Stargate Atlantis.

In 2007, David appeared as a guest star in the first episode of the TV series Sanctuary, a show produced by and starring Stargate actress Amanda Tapping. He played Larry Tolson – a patient suffering from a form of psychosis, who was shot and wounded before being taken into custody by police as a homicide suspect. There are no plans for him to reprise this role.

Acting is not his only talent though, in 2007 he wrote and directed “A Dog’s Breakfast” starring himself, his sister Kate Hewlett, his dog Mars, and previous Stargate Atlantis costars Paul McGillion, Christopher Judge, and Rachel Luttrell.


Splice ( 2010 )

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Foolproof ( 2003 )

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CUBE ( 1998 )

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