"choosing What Men Want should be a no brainer. This is one of the instances in which the remake surpasses the original"

If looking for a pick me up feel good movie, What Men Want has the right receipt for a good night with a rom-com with this female centric remake of the Mel Gibson’s comedy What Women Want, the story is pretty much the same but in reverse.

Ali is a successful sports agents. However, life for a black woman playing at the table with white men is not easy. No matter how many athletes she signs, there is aways be a dumber man taking her promotion as partner.

Although throughout her whole life she has been surrounded by men, Ali doesn’t get them and playing tough is getting her nowhere; the solution to all her problems comes in the form of spiked tea served by Sister, a fortune teller hired for her friends bachelorette party, who will help her understand men by unknowingly gifting her with the opportunity to hear the thoughts of every man.

When looking for a comedy to just relax and switch off for a couple of hours, choosing What Men Want should be a no brainer. This is one of the instances in which the remake surpasses the original.

The writing and comedy timing is hilarious. Every actor is committed to showing their best funny bone to the audience. The jokes are just right, never too vulgar but not so innocent either. Some of the situation are so absurd, they become almost plausible and create such great comedy sketches that the audience can’t do anything else but laugh out loud.

The cast ensemble works together with harmony guided by a formidable Taraji P. Henson. Once again she becomes the soul of the movie. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her comedy timing just perfect. Every actor interacting with her shines thanks to her brilliant light. Erykah Badu, Josh Brener, Tracy Morgan and Max Greenfield make for the best supporting actors and become part of the funniest scenes in the film.

What gives What Men Want the extra kick is that, in the film, there is still a certain sensibility towards Feminism and race without ridiculing it, but spinning it under a comic light to make the message more visible and easy to understand.

There is space for both women and men in every field, no matter their colours or sexual orientation and everyone is at their best once we understand that, deep down, both men and women just want the same thing, to be valued according to their worth and talent and to be loved, they only express it differently from one another.

What Men Want is the perfect mix of comedy and romance. A good pick me up film about equal opportunities and respect between sexes that doesn’t want to lecture the audience, but share a message of love through puns and jokes.