"experience a cinematic classic in an extra dimension"

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is a sequel to the 1984 James Cameron film Terminator. Set 11 years after the events of the orginal film, this second chapter sees a reprogrammed Terminator T-800 (Model 101) (Arnold Schwarzenegger) "the villain" of the original film, this time protecting a young John Connor (Edward Furlong) from a more advanced prototype Terminator the T -1000 (Robert Patrick) sent to terminate him.

After being rescued by Schwarzenegger from an attempted termination by Patrick, Furlong learns that the stories his mother Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) has been telling him about 'Judgement Day', (a nuclear war initiated by Skynet an artificial intelligence system designated to run the self defence network) are in fact true and Judgement Day will occur on 29 August 1997, when the self defence network will become self-aware. Furlong had doubted his mother Hamilton had been telling the truth as she has been incarcerated in a mental institution for several years and he'd been lead to believe she is insane.

Upon learning that Patrick has terminated his foster parents who had were raising him, Furlong orders Schwarzenegger to rescue Hamilton from the institute and possible danger she could face from Patrick. Once rescued Hamilton seeks information from Schwarzenegger about Judgment Day and the events leading to it. She learns that the person most significantly responsible for Skynet's creation is Miles Bennett Dyson (Joe Morton) Director of special projects at Cyberdyne.

Initially by herself (driven by years of torment) she sets out to kill Morton to prevent Judgment Day. However after trying to kill Morton in moment of self realisation she doesn't. Furlong and Schwarzenegger manage to arrive at the end of the attack and begin to explain everything to Morton and his family. After this Furlong, Schwarzenegger, Hamilton and Morton set off to destroy the data, remnants of the original Terminator and the Cyberdyne research facility, pursued very closely by Patrick's menacing T-1000.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is a rare film in so far as sequels to movies go that it in fact is better than the original film. Absolutely not taking anything away from the original film, which is great. Terminator 2: Judgment Day followed a good film with a great film. It has a well constructed with a plot which follows the original film well, with pace and tension.

The two leads from the original film are developed well with Schwarzenegger in the role of the protector and Hamilton who has gone from and innocent waitress to a combat efficient soldier and time hardened mother and Edward Furlong is very well cast as the young John Connor.

The film is enhanced by ground breaking special effects for their time, which all stand up very well to the test of time. Now released in 3D it gives audiences a chance to experience a cinematic classic in an extra dimension.

Schwarzenegger is indeed back.