"this is a lighthearted and intelligent insight into the world of rural politics, tradition, generational battles, and of all things ‘foul’ and fair"

A charming and an outright hilarious insight into the absolutely fascinating world of competitive hen breeding. It ain’t easy being a ‘chuck fancier’ and ‘when you think about it there aren’t many people interested in chickens!’, rip roaring comments from the local residents of the The Christchurch, Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon club where the Gavin Greenwood's and Mark Lilley's of the world come to show off pride of place, preened and perfect chickens and a tradition spanning back 168 years at the annual New Zealand poultry show.

Directed, produced and written by Slavko Martinov this is a lighthearted and intelligent insight into the world of rural politics, tradition, generational battles, and of all things ‘foul’ and fair. The community of Christchurch are hardy, wild and beautiful and you can’t help but fall in love with them. Though chronicling the lives of chicken breeders this documentary could have challenged anything from amateur drama, local pitch and putt, football or any activity which bonds and ties a community together.

Activities that establish a pride and passion for one's culture and community, a way of battling a long winter and the desolate loneliness of the rural landscape and way of bringing people together for a tea, a biscuit and a chinwag. On the surface this is a lighthearted and joyous film easily leaving any audience infectiously giggling but it also examines the very foundations which bring us together as humans, love, family and yes it has to be admitted rivalry!

You can cut the tension with a knife at the annual presidential election of this NZ poultry club and another clever aspect of this documentary was that it could so easily have been set anywhere. It’s a film that any rural community in the world can easily relate to, the various and vivacious colourful personalities, the determination, the jealousy and everything that comes with one determining their place ‘in the pecking order’ of things. Family ties, age and how long a family has resided in the area are big determining factors it has to be deemed in Christchurch, a reflection of the bigger picture in an ever increasingly conservative world. No more then ‘Da Millenials’ the younger branch of this poultry club are soon put in their place, reminded of the rules and how to do things ‘properly’ but at least they are shown and given the necessary wisdom to become the future leaders of their communities.

During a time of decentralisation around the world when people are leaving the land and carting themselves to polluted but gentrified cities this documentary is a beautiful reminder of the simplicity of life, the land and what you can create with very little. It’s a feel good experience through and through and will leave you with that buzz to prune your chickens, your garden, your golf swing or what ever the hell makes you feel deliciously good.