"the perfect tribute to a sensitive artist who was able to evoke every emotion with his unique strokes"

Born from a Polish and British collaboration, Loving Vincent is the first movie made entirely by relying on the talented hands of 100 painters to create a moving and living painting using Van Gogh’s unmistakable style.

Following Armand Rouline in his quest to deliver Van Gogh’s last letter to his dear friend, the film narrates the painter’s last days through the eyes of the different people that witnessed his death.

No one knows what really happened to him; some believe he killed himself, a desperate cry of a complicated man looking to be free from his pain. Others instead are sure that he got shot by mistake during one drunken afternoon spent with young fools playing with guns in the fields. No matter which version history picked, however, there is no doubt that this was the greatest loss in art’s history.

To produce such an ambitious project, it takes courage and knowing that the work ahead will not be easy. Loving Vincent is an emotional movie that pays tribute to one of the most misunderstood post-impressionist artist of all times.

Throughout the feature, Van Gogh’s last days are painstakingly analysed according to the perception of all the people that he painted while staying in Auvers-sur-Oise in France or saw him spending his days drawing the many landscapes. From Joseph Rouline, to Pere Tanguy and Doctor Gachet, everyone painted the tortured artist under a different light, highlighting how no one in the end truly knew who he really was.

What makes Loving Vincent a special film is the fact that on the screen everything turns into a moving Van Gogh painting; the actors and the landscapes are painted with the famous strokes that made the Danish artist so appreciated after his death.

Each actor behind the character is easily recognisable, however, they are mixed together with the actual subjects of Van Gogh’s paintings almost to celebrate his talent in capturing his subjects' souls. Watching this movie is like being completely immersed in the mind of this extraordinary painter and witness each brush coming to life and move on the screen.

Seeing art and movie-making coming together to celebrate the memory of the greatest and most moving painter in history is a sight to behold. What made Van Gogh such a special artist was the way in which all his strong emotions would come across in his work. His strokes are impressions on canvas, but they are also quite strong and precise in creating an illusion of reality. He was able to romanticise a field by mixing the right shades of yellow and blue. His unique technique is beautifully represented by the hard work of 100 painters who copied and made his style their own to pay the most poetic tribute to an artist that was misunderstood and underestimated by his piers.

The title itself is not just a reminder of how Vincent used to sign his letters and the fact that the film itself resolves around his last missive, it is also a way to underline that Van Gogh was indeed loved and he will be remembered forever for his incredible innovation and talent.

The cast ensemble outdid every expectation in bringing to life again the paintings and the people portrayed in them. The directing and cinematography are unique and spectacular in succeeding with a project that required vision and patience.

Loving Vincent is the perfect tribute to a sensitive artist who was able to evoke every emotion with his unique strokes and mastering of the colours.