"Going In Style is a sure fire diamond in the rough"

The idea of a heist caper with the elderly seems to be an absurd notion on paper, but with the calibre of the Actors involved in Going In Style, led by the amazing Sir Michael Caine this is a sure fire diamond in the rough.

So the story follows three friends played by the exquisite Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin, whom after learning that their pension fund has all been stolen due to liquidation of the company that they’ve loyally worked for for over 40 years, decide to steal it back, no more, no less, they get the idea after Caine’s Joe witnesses a very well executed bank heist.

The chemistry of these three leads just pops and brings to life, what some would consider a paint by numbers premise, and while it could be considered that, there is so much heart and realness that you empathise with them.

The supporting cast are no slouches either; Joey King being the stand out for me, further solidifying her as a talent to watch and her chemistry with Sir Micheal Caine makes you want to have him as a grand father.

The comedy in Going in Style is on point, with a lot of laughs coming from the antics of the hard of hearing and senile Milton played by the incredible Christopher Lloyd.

With some surprise faces from comedy greatness including Kenan Thompson and Peter Serafinowicz as the deadbeat ex-son-in-law to Caine’s Joe, Going in Style is an amazing film that hammers home the message that ‘society has the duty to look after the elderly’.