Bergman: A Year in a Life(2019)

"Magnusson skilfully releases just enough information through the richly detailed voiceover and talking heads for the viewer to draw conclusions and paint a fascinating picture"

For most filmmakers, releasing just one iconic masterpiece in a single year would be more than sufficient but in 1957, legendary director Ingmar Bergman unveiled not only The Seventh Seal to the world but also, wrote, directed and released Wild Strawberries all the while working on other artistic...

by Phil Slatter

Fisherman’s Friends(2019)

"your average inspiring garb that despite it’s flaws will still make you feel things and cry a bit"

The underdogs have always been a staple of British cinema. From the clumsy Bridget Jones’ Diary to Dexter Fletcher’s Eddie the Eagle, we just love to root for the outsider. Heck, even the brilliant The Fully Monty saw a bunch of ragtag men jubilantly take their clothes off to Tom Jones’ You...

by Cookie N Screen (We Make Movies on Weekends)

What Men Want(2019)

"choosing What Men Want should be a no brainer. This is one of the instances in which the remake surpasses the original"

If looking for a pick me up feel good movie, What Men Want has the right receipt for a good night with a rom-com with this female centric remake of the Mel Gibson’s comedy What Women Want, the story is pretty much the same but in reverse.

Ali is a successful sports agents. However, life...

by Federica Roberti

Children of the Snow Land(2019)

"There is a great sense of discovery throughout"

Children of the Snow Land is one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen. From the first scene to the last it had me on the edge of my seat, laughing and crying and falling in love with it’s main protagonists. These beautiful, funny, curious, sensitive and clever young people who for the sak...

by Ella Simone (Acting Hour)

Little Italy(2019)

"Christensen and Roberts are likeable enough in the leads and do share some chemistry"

If you’ve ever wondered what Romeo & Juliet might look like if the two warring families were the heads of opposing pizza restaurants in Toronto, then Donald Petrie’s romantic comedy Little Italy will provide you with an answer.

Set in the district that lends the film its title, Le...

by Phil Slatter

Everybody Knows(2019)

"a thriller, but not in a conventional sense"

Family, truth, inevitability, time, loyalty. These are the precious strands of saffron running through this film which make it absolutely compelling.

Everybody Knows is a thriller, but not in a conventional sense. It's not about a heightened sense of fear, but an immersion in the realism ...

by Zoe Alzamora (ActingHour)