The Founder(2017)

"Hustler, salesman, a chancer, devious, a business man, ambitious, driven, ruthless, a visionary, however you describe him Ray Kroc is certainly the The Founder of McDonald's as we know it today"

McDonald's, wether you eat there or not, you certainly cannot ignore it, or not be familiar with this global brand. Gracing these shores since they first opened a branch here in 1974 in Woolwich, South East London. This cooperation success story begins back in 1954, now dramatised in the film sta...

by Raj Virdi

The LEGO® Batman Movie(2017)

"The LEGO® Movie made a promise that ‘Everything is Awesome’ and The LEGO® Batman Movie delivers on that and cranks it up to eleven"

So here we are again. Another film in the Batman legacy to grace our screens, and if Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left a sour taste in your mouth, then you can rejoice in the fact that this time it’s LEGO® Batman (voiced masterfully by Will Arnett) leading the charge, picking up the meta...

by Marc Jason Ali


"hits the perfect balance of beautiful, disturbing, realistic and almost grotesque"

Shot in only 11 days, Prevenge revolves around Ruth, a young woman both heavily pregnant and recently widowed, and she begins to hear murderous advice from her unborn little girl. Unlike Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the expectant mother doesn’t question the voice inside her and begins to hunt her un...

by Anne-Sophie Marie (#ActingHour)


"absorb this compelling tale, superbly acted by Negga and Edgerton; just be prepared for it to take it’s time to get going"

Imagine being told that you can’t be with the person you love. Imagine loving someone and being told that it’s supposedly wrong and against the law. Imagine being arrested for such a desire – well for interracial couple Mildred and Richard the two faced exactly that in 1958, Virginia.

by Gloria Daniels-Moss


"No spoilers because the big hook of the film is this curious dread the audience feel as Kenny’s venture goes from good to better to best and you wonder just how and why this story of triumph could possibly come crashing down"

Based on a true story prospector Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey) has gone from a serious player in a swanky office to a desperate hustler working out of a bar in just a few short years. Down on his luck and willing to try anything to turn it around on a whim and a dream he ventures to Indonesi...

by Kristian Mitchell-Dolby (#ActingHour)

Ghost in the Shell(2017)

"the animation is outstanding, the action is fast and furious, and the fantastic music adds layers to a film already drenched in atmosphere"

The world of anime is a genre often overlooked by the mainstream filmgoer, yet it is filled with works deemed by fans as iconic as any conventional film. One such film is 1995’s Ghost in the Shell; a film often regarded one of most iconic works of anime ever produced.

It’s 2029 and mu...

by Graeme Robertson