The Nines(2007)

"realistically unnerving"

In the opening moments an actor (Ryan Reynolds) drinks, drives, scores some crack, hangs out with a hooker, and totals his car. This series of events reverberates through the film, not so much in its literal consequences, the story is told through three overlapping segments. Barely a moment goes ...

by Jessica Alken

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford(2007)

"possibly not for those seeking the simple pleasures of instant gratification"

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, is one of the longest titles I've ever seen for film and the film is just as long to sit through. I have no problem with this. I would sit through a ten hour "Jesse James" because of the excellent tone given out by director Andrew Domini...

by Jessica Alken

The Darjeeling Limited(2007)

"the composition and perfectly seamless acting that really makes this movie stand out"

Take three brothers. Put them on a train in India. Add a girl, a snake and a tragedy. The result; yet another beautiful and insightful work of art by Wes Anderson.

The plot is without a doubt masterful and intriguing. The eldest brother, Francis (Owen Wilson) has an epiphany after sufferi...

by Anna Kostyrina

Fred Claus(2007)

"funny and enjoyable, with a loving yuletide spirit"

A new idea is developed into a film that concludes with warmth, heart, and wholesome moral values. Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti, Kathy Bates, and Kevin Spacey are excellent, and their talents are well utilised. Kevin Spacey has a small but key role in the film, that even brought a tear to my eye.<...

by Jay Patterson

Lions For Lambs(2007)

"I think this film is a little heavy for the average cinema-goer, yet it will leave most of us inspired and forced think about the path our lives our taking"

The cast doesn't come much more high-profile than this. While I found Meryl Streep's earnest TV reporter a little unconvincing and Redford's professor too perfect they both turn in solid performances, with Streep especially making the dialogue seem utterly fresh and spontaneous. The acting honour...

by Jessica Alken

30 Days Of Night(2007)

"rarely is a film been so white-knuckle thrilling and jaw-dropping shocking from start to finish"


I really wanted to find this scary. Properly scary, the type where you come out the cinema still shuddering. But I didn't. Sure, the fast, gruesome gore fest was frightening; I jumped out my seat and hid behind my hands. But there just wasn't enough substance for it to haunt me.

by Jessica Alken