The Fox And The Child(2008)

"a bit too slow for the kids, a bit too cliche for the grown-ups"

After the snow and ice plates of March of the Penguins comes another animal adventure; The Fox and the Child. Inspired by his childhood spent in the French forest, Director Luc Jacquet went into himself to see what kind of a little boy he was at ten years old and discovered that he was...a girl. ...

by Anna Kostyrina

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor(2008)

"disjointed scenes and the cheesy one-liners got old fast"

Like so many great films that became dragged-out trilogies, the newest Mummy falls right in. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first film. But like so many sequels, this story becomes repetitive. The first rule of sequels is to keep the cast. Rachel and Brendan had amazing chemistry, but Maria Bell...

by Jessica Alken

The Dark Knight(2008)

"the Caped Crusader reigns supreme"

Normally when I say I'm going to a film screening, it's met with indifference from my friends - for them the novelty of me reviewing films wore off a long time ago. The Dark Knight was different - friends were literally begging to come and see this one - the omens were good.

I personally ...

by Olly Mitchell

WALL – E(2008)

"this film is so sophistaced I worry that it might just be too clever"

This film is so sophistaced I worry that it might just be too clever to connect with the mainstream audience, specifically young kids. I myself, a huge fan of Pixar, Sci-fi (yes Star Trek too) and even Sigourney Weaver's Galaxy Quest had me laughing from beginning to end. So, I was indeed very ex...

by Jessica Alken

Mamma Mia! (The Movie)(2008)

"Take a Chance... It's Brilliant!"

While the majority of the film is brilliantly silly, Meryl Streep gives us an emotional show stopping performance of The Winner Takes It All and who wouldn't pay to see James Bond singing SOS? Pierce Brosnan was humorously over-emoting everything but it worked perfectly within the context of the ...

by Jessica Alken


"Wanted to love it, wanted to like it, got neither"

The willing suspension of disbelief. Some of you will remember that from your school days. Some of you will be learning about it at the moment. Some of you will have absolutely no idea what I'm on about. The willing suspension of disbelief is a necessity for us to enjoy films that we know are a b...

by Olly Mitchell