Resident Evil: Extinction(2007)

"instead of creating their own storyline, this unfortunately was far too predictable"

Unfortunately this film did not live up to my expectations. I personally loved the first film, enjoyed the second, but this is the worst of the Resident Evil trilogy. I don't understand why they wanted to do drastic leaps in time from the second film? How on earth did the entire world get swarmed...

by Jessica Alken

Day Watch(2007)

"disappointed by the obvious Hollywood influence"

Day Watch is the second part of the trilogy adapted from novels by Sergei Lukyanenko and Vladimir Vasiliev. The story itself focuses on the battle between the forces of Light and Darkness. The Darkness rule the night, but the Light's Night Watch is always watching over them, while during the Ligh...

by Anna Kostyrina

The Brave One(2007)

"what the narrative may lack in depth and dimension is balanced out by the cinematography"

So what would it take to turn a happy 30-something New Yorker, in love with her city and her fiancée, into a cold blooded murderer? How about being attacked and brutally beaten in Central Park by a gang of thugs, then waking up in hospital only to find out that the love of your life has be...

by Anna Kostyrina


"the film's cleverness is derived from the way it defies all of our expectations"

Evening, easily one of the most thoughtful and thought-provoking movies I've ever seen. That doesn't mean it's the best... but it is good. The acting is all fantastic, but really how could you go wrong with this cast. Toni Collette does a wonderful job as the confused daughter who has to watch he...

by Jessica Alken


"so many mind bogglingly hilarious one-liners in the film that I will need to watch it again"

I found Superbad to be surprisingly brilliant. There were so many mind bogglingly hilarious one-liners in the film that I will need to watch it again to see which ones I missed while I was laughing. This is a film that I could definitely watch again. It had its completely gross-out awkward moment...

by Jessica Alken

December Boys(2007)

"rather predictable and unexciting"

It's clear that Danielle Radcliffe wanted to take on something different, and what could be further away from the magical world of Hogwarts than Australia's bush and golden sands? Unfortunately the beautiful seaside is close to the only thing going for December Boys. The plot was rather predictab...

by Jay Patterson