The Bourne Ultimatum(2007)

"Paul Greengrass definitely saved the best Bourne for last!"

Paul Greengrass definitely saved the best Bourne for last! I've heard a lot of people complain about they way he filmed this movie, but I liked it I think it helps the action scenes to feel more realistic, which I would prefer over highly stylized stunt choreography. As for the rest of the movie ...

by Jessica Alken

Die Hard 4.0(2007)

"Mary Elizabeth Winstead was excellent as McClanes rebellious daughter, she's feisty, and lives up to the mantle of McClane, a true blossoming star"

Yippee Ki Aye! High Octane doesn't begin to describe this movie, as many of you may be wondering why the title 4.0? Well the answer is simple it is making reference to Web 2.0 the current technologies used on the internet and computers, which plays heavily on the plot of this movie, Hi Tech Terro...

by Marc J Ali

The Heartbreak Kid(2007)

"its a little obvious and cliché but does have a heart and soul"

The plot circles around the conflict of Ben Stiller's character, Eddie. First his reluctance to get married and then his overeagerness to tie the knot culminating in a very eventful honeymoon with his new wife. He meets another girl played by Michelle Monaghan (MI3) and they start falling for one...

by Jessica Alken