Fool’s Gold(2008)

"Silliness at sea!"

Tosh. Rubbish. Crap. These are all words that I am positive will be associated with this film. All I can say to those who dish out these harsh verdicts is get off your bloody high horse. Not all cinema has to be about Oscar winning performances - certainly there are none here - and there is indee...

by Olly Mitchell


"perhaps the lads will find this more appealing"

Leatherheads is a period film full of laughs and plain old good fun. The story lies within the American football nostalgia and is held together by it's slapstick comedy and blended romance. George Clooney who both stars and directs gives a good performance here, yet it seems a little uncommon see...

by Jessica Alken


"the look of the film is fabulous, well worth consideration for art direction"

Considering the risky pleasure generally associated with gambling and the seductive thrill of watching a heist or scam unfold, it should come as no surprise that 21, a film which combines the two aforementioned premises should excel at being enjoyable. And while the film may be very familiar g...

by Jessica Alken

Son Of Rambow(2008)

"striking a cord with those who grew up during the 80's"

There are lots of benefits to being a film critic. Free trips to the cinema. Free food and drink provided in an attempt to make you like the film. The smugness knowing you have seen films weeks before your friends. I'm fairly new to this, so none of the above have grown old yet. But today I found...

by Olly Mitchell

How She Move(2008)

"the script itself is luke warm, as is the plot"

The most remarkable aspect of this film is definitely the dancing - aggressive verging on tribal, stepping is ensemble dance to hip-hop beats. Unlike countless other musicals the moves were filmed in wideshot, avoiding the music video inspired trend to show random bits of body cut to the music's...

by Anna Kostyrina

27 Dresses(2008)

"Katherine Heigl has this wonderful ability to draw the audience into her character"

A typical chick flick, yet I found the script just completely entrancing. Katherine Heigl is refreshing. It's one thing to star in a film of this sort and to get a few laughs with some well written snappy dialog, but Heigl manages to go beyond that. She has this wonderful ability to draw the audi...

by Jessica Alken