"at no point did it try to be too clever, and as such hit exactly the right note"

We follow Hancock's journey from despised alcoholic to leather clad, worshiped superhero, all courtesy of PR guru Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), and rather begrudgingly by his wife Mary (Charlize Theron).

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What really surprised me about this ...

by Olly Mitchell

Charlie Bartlett(2008)

"Not only is it funny but I could really identify with these kids' need for acceptance"

Oh great, another teen movie. As if we haven't had enough of pre prom anxiety and what ever other dramas poor little rich American teens have to contend with. But this one's different. Not only is it funny but I could really identify with these kids' need for acceptance.

One thing I loved...

by Jessica Alken

Speed Racer(2008)

"Speed Racer has a visually distinctive style all its own"

The vibrant colours and breathtaking CGI sequences enhance all velocity and emotions though the film. The performances are engaging. Emile Hirsch captures the wonder and conflict of a young hero. Christina Ricci is smart and sassy. John Goodman and Susan Sarandon are incredible and steal most of ...

by Jessica Alken

Smart People(2008)

"a solid film from start to finish without too many issues"

Smart People was even better than expected. I'm a huge fan of Ellen Page since Hard Candy and of course Juno, but I also love Sarah Jessica Parker, so to see the two of them in a film together is wonderful!

It is important not to overlook the fact that two of Hollywood's best actors, with...

by Jessica Alken

Made of Honour(2008)

"it will definitely make you feel good"

Tom (Patrick Dempsey) is your typical college senior, preying on young innocent freshmen girls with his alcohol fueled charm and Bill Clinton impressions. But when he accidentally crawls into bed with feisty art student Hannah (Micehelle Monaghan) things...well...don't change.

Instead, th...

by Anna Kostyrina

Iron Man(2008)

"Never wanted to be a superhero? .... You will after this!"

Making comic book superheroes cool is not an easy task. The image of the nerd sitting at home with his NHS glasses reading comics page by page is a hard one to shift. Slowly however, this stigma is wearing off as the characters get turned into Hollywood blockbusters, arguably beginning with the B...

by Olly Mitchell