The Ruins(2008)

"enough thrills and suspense to keep your attention"

I confess; I haven't read the book and the first time I laid eyes on the synopsis was to kill a few minutes before the show. And what a refreshing experience! With no expectations or influences I was able to judge this horror slash thriller purely on it's cinematic value.

While holidaying...

by Marc J Ali


"If you've never seen Audrey Tatou this will be a wonderful introduction"

I have to warn you: if I had it my way the cinemas would be full of nothing but weird, arty or foreign films. Ideally they would all be weird, arty AND foreign. OK, so now I've shared that I can tell you about Hors de prix - or Priceless.

It's not particularly weird. Not at all actually. ...

by Anna Kostyrina

The Incredible Hulk(2008)

"It's all about the big green - dollar that is"

It was never going to be easy to top Iron Man as the superhero film of the summer. Luckily for Marvel they've made both so it's a win win situation. If u read my Iron Man review you'll know that i'm a pretty big fan of the old comic book movies. Hulk was one of those cartoons that i grew up watch...

by Olly Mitchell

The Forbidden Kingdom(2008)

"the scenery and costumes are at times awe-inspiring"

For martial arts fans across the world, the prospect of two of the genres finest ever proponents, Jet Li and Jackie Chan appearing in the same movie is surely a mouth-watering prospect. Having briefly scanned the press release before going into to film, I had expected another Crouching Tiger Hidd...

by Olly Mitchell

Gone Baby Gone(2008)

"a multi-layered script with only only the flaw of pushing too hard to make its points"

On the surface, Gone Baby Gone, is a crime thriller about a child kidnapped from a cocaine addicted mother and a private investigator recruited to find her. Beyond that though, the plot only continues to get thicker every step of the way. Ben Affleck's impressive directorial debut features some r...

by Jessica Alken

Kung Fu Panda(2008)

"CGI just gets better and better!"

I don't recall any animation film that undertakes such intense fight sequences. I love CG-Animation, but I am not your typical action film fan, so I was slightly apprehensive about this genre. The fight sequences no doubt are impressive - with a matrix style - every young boy will bouncing off th...

by Jessica Alken