Sounds Like Teen Spirit(2009)

"it was wonderful, charming and totally infectious"

I'm a bit lost. Sounds Like Teen Spirit ticks a lot of boxes. It's full of genuine and engaging characters, it's cringey, funny and touching all at once, there's nail-biting-holding-your-breath suspense aplenty, and it teaches you a little something about different countries, cultures and their p...

by Anna Kostyrina


"The writing is excellent and the dialogue witty"

It's been 20 years since director Stephen Frears, writer Christopher Hampton and star Michelle Pfeiffer collaborated on the celebrated costume drama Dangerous Liaisons (for which Pfeiffer was nominated for an Oscar). Cheri is a romantic drama which contains all of the elements of a successful lov...

by Jez Sands

Star Trek(2009)

"the plot is well balanced without being predictable"

From the opening sequence, JJ Abrams asserts his authority in a plot twist which will shake the stars of the Star Trek universe. From the first stunning visuals of a pre-Enterprise time to the final iconic sweeping space shots - the new Star Trek is back, completely engaging for fans and newcomer...

by Jessica Alken

X-Men Origins: Wolverine(2009)

"It's not only too much plot they've tried to condense; too many characters are shoehorned in as well"

With over 50 years of comic book expertise and over 5000 characters to their name, Marvel are not going to be short on inspiration for new films. Wolverine is the first in the Xmen: Origins series and as one of their most well-known and enduringly popular characters, Wolvie represents an importan...

by Jez Sands

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel(2009)

"whether or not you like this film will depend a lot on your sense of humour"

Would I go back in time to watch this again - no..... I realise I've been away for a while, but unlike the protagonists of FAQ About Time Travel, I haven't been doing anything as excited as mastering the space time continuum - I've just been on holiday. Worryingly, I really do wish I had been mas...

by Olly Mitchell

Observe And Report(2009)

"Having controversial material in a film doesn't automatically make it funny"

Seth Rogen is an actor almost everyone is familiar with these days, being somewhat of a golden boy when it comes to hit comedy movies such as Superbad, Knocked Up and Pine Apple Express. He invariably plays likable but bumbling characters and by and large these films tend to be amusing if unambit...

by Jez Sands