Le Mans 66(2019)

"a tribute to two men who made history by doing the impossible and believing in themselves"

Even if you don’t particularly like car racing competitions or mechanic engineering, Le Mans ‘66 will leave you breathless and with the need to know more about the historical competition between Ford and Ferrari back in the 1960’s.

The film focuses on the friendship between Ken Mile...

by Federica Roberti

Knives Out(2019)

"there is a crescendo of events that will lead to the most perfect ending, tying up everything together to give the audience that Ah-a moment"

After watching the trailer for this movie, my curiosity immediately peaked, a murder mystery with a stellar casts? Count me in and colour me intrigued. Luckily, not only did Knives Out meet all my expectations, but it also exceeded them by adding the element of comedy to an already brilliant film...

by Federica Roberti

The Peanut Butter Falcon(2019)

"takes its time in making points, which some may lose patience with, but treats the eye with some masterful cinematography as it goes along"

The Peanut Butter Falcon is a very beautifully shot film. Aerial shots and panoramic landscapes are juxtaposed with tight, intimate shots, often to comedic effect. The comic timing of the editing throughout the film was superb, supporting a really heartwarming story.

A mise en scene of su...

by Annabel Spinks-Jones @annabelspinksjones

The Aeronauts(2019)

"tells a story about finding something worth living for and pushing oneself out of any comfort zone by taking inspiration from real events"

If you are looking for a story celebrating the father of meteorology and a discovery of how pressure, air and humidity are involved in changing the weather, The Aeronauts is not that kind of film, it is a story about pushing boundaries, conquering fears and fighting for progress when no one belie...

by Federica Roberti

Marriage Story(2019)

"it is one of the few that successfully bring to the screen an emotional and realistic story on how love is always present even when it seems that there is nothing else left in a relationship"

More often than not what hurts the most when a marriage ends is not love’s death or the decision to put a full stop to a relationship. What leaves people breathless is the process of a breakup, the bureaucratic part of it all. Over the years Hollywood has given Love in all its forms to the audi...

by Federica Roberti

Jojo Rabbit(2019)

"Waititi’s take on the horrifying events of World War II in Jojo Rabbit are the expression of what true genius and artistry really are"

Enthusiastically acclaimed at the Toronto Film Festival, Jojo Rabbit is a masterpiece of dark comedy which analyses one of the darkest moments in history involving Nazi Germany, and does so with remarkably clever humour.

The story revolves around Jojo, a young German child who is enrolled...

by Federica Roberti