"Ladies and gentlemen to quote Bill Goldberg 'Believe The Hype'. This film is almost a 'Film of the year' contender"

Before I begin this review I'd like to tell you of a nostalgic experience that I was a part of before the movie began; I arrived at the VUE Cinema, Leicester Square where I found myself lining up in a queue of around 300 fellow horror fans and FrightFest regulars that stretched right around the c...

by Jonathan Hughes (The Killer Spotlight)

The Vault(2017)

"Frankly, Franco couldn’t save this one"

We have all seen our fair share of heist movies. From Tarantino's classic (and somewhat unbeatable) ‘Reservoir Dogs’, to the modern rawness of Affleck’s ‘The Town’ the initial concept is common place - and let's face it we all know it can end one of two ways. Experimenting with genres ...

by Gloria Daniels-Moss


"Those expecting Stratton to reinvent the wheel with regards to cinematic action and carnage should look elsewhere"

In World War II, the British military set up the Special Boat Service (SBS), a special forces unit equipped and trained in counter terrorism efforts and special operations.

Duncan Falconer, a former SBS operative himself, used his experiences in this elite unit as the basis for his charac...

by Graeme Robertson

Terminator 2: Judgment Day(2017)

"experience a cinematic classic in an extra dimension"

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is a sequel to the 1984 James Cameron film Terminator. Set 11 years after the events of the orginal film, this second chapter sees a reprogrammed Terminator T-800 (Model 101) (Arnold Schwarzenegger) "the villain" of the original film, this time protecting a young John C...

by Raj Virdi

God’s Own Country(2017)

"This is a very sweet story you really feel for Johnny and Gheorghe"

Johnny (Josh O’Connor) works on the family farm with his father (Ian Hart) and grandmother (Gemma Jones), a life that is becoming increasingly restrictive as he must compensate for his ailing father who has become incapable of performing most tasks leaving Johnny to do all the heavy lifting. An...

by Kristian Mitchell-Dolby (#ActingHour)

Moon Dogs(2017)

"Casting the actors the film did bring about a contrast of energies"

Moon Dogs is the debut feature of TV director Philip John (Being Human, Downton Abbey, Outlander), who is himself from the South Wales and written by Derek Boyle and Raymond Friel, and produced by Kathy Speirs. It showcases up and coming Celtic talent, where the three leads are played by I...

by Tremayne Miller