"left me too much at a loss to really know what could have turned it into the Clooney and Coen flicks I’ve enjoyed so much"

Maybe my expectations were too high: I adored George Clooney’s Goodnight, and Good Luck, am generally a fan of the Coen Brothers, and have equally loved Julianne Moore and Matt Damon in many films past. Furthermore, Dark Comedy and 1950's American suburbia are among my favourites film ingredien...

by Sophie Martin (#ActingHour)

New Life(2017)

"With a fine pair of lead performances and a decent but far too crowded story, New Life is a harmless, well-meaning and inoffensive film"

I really don’t like romance films. I don’t know if it's my own cynical nature or the fact that as a Scotsman I’m naturally programmed to be in a state of perpetual grumpiness, but regardless I tend to view romance films with a constant sense of disgust and hatred. Sure, there is the odd one...

by Graeme Robertson


"one of the most fascinating films I’ve seen in a long while. The film has believable characters, aided by the excellent performances"

The genre of found footage has been increasingly popular in recent years, thanks in part to the immensely successful 2007 hit Paranormal Activity, with its numerous sequels and imitators coming to dominate the horror film calendar. However, the genre has now become highly repetitive with little o...

by Graeme Robertson

Battle of the Sexes(2017)

"designed to make you laugh while still teaching a valuable lesson on how far we still have to go to achieve equal rights"

A movie representation of one of the most iconic and important moments in female sport’s history, Battle of the Sexes shows the behind the scene of the crucial tennis match played between the most successful female tennis player Billie Jean King and the chauvinistic representative of the compet...

by Federica Roberti

Justice League(2017)

"has great character moments and interactions and shows that DC listen to what works and what doesn’t"

Bringing together the juggernauts of the DC Universe has been no easy task; we had the lacklustre Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that divided audiences, that was followed up by Suicide Squad which was essentially an elongated music video. The shining light was the release of Wonder Woman, whi...

by Marc Jason Ali


"isn’t afraid of showing how cruel, brutal and horrifying racism and segregation are"

Another powerful story opens the second day of the London Film Festival shining a light on discrimination in America. Set in Mississippi during WWII, Mudbound focuses on two families bound together by duty and fate.

The McAllan family just took over a big farm. While Laura is trying to ad...

by Federica Roberti