2036 Origin Unknown(2018)

"targets fans of science fiction who care more about science than the fiction"

Written and Directed by Visual Effects Supervisor Hasraf Dulull, 2036 Origin Unknown is his second feature and stars fan favourite Actress Katee Sackhoff as Mackenzie 'Mack' Wilson as she works with the Artificial Intelligence system called ARTi (voice of Steven Cree) as they are tasked with disc...

by Marc Jason Ali

The Meg(2018)

"It’s a rather silly affair that has a bit of bite and some seriously hardcore action"

Surprisingly, there has been a lot of love for shark movies lately. And by shark movies, we don’t mean the Jaws calibre of product here. We’re talking cheesy, bad, and terribly films. Your movies such as Deep Blue Sea, Sharknado, and more. Those that swim with the knowledge that it isn’t ma...

by Cookie N Screen (We Make Movies on Weekends)

Ant-Man and the Wasp(IMAX)(2018)

"continues Marvel’s streak of excellence with a film that not only builds on what came before but also proves to have lasting ramifications for the MCU"

Coming out of Avengers: Infinity War there was one question on lots of people’s minds; where was Ant-Man and the Wasp?, the subject of our review today sets out to answer that question.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is the latest film in the ever popular Marvel Cinematic Universe and opens with ...

by Marc Jason Ali

The Darkest Minds(2018)

"will maybe please some of it’s fans from the novel but sadly it is mainly limp and lifeless"

The transition of Young Adult novels to big screen blockbusters has pretty much died down. We’ve been stuffed with The Hunger Games, diverged against our Divergents, and solved our Maze Runner cravings. Basically, we’ve had enough. Like with any genre, it’s heading into its Twilight, and we...

by Cookie N Screen (We Make Movies on Weekends)

The Big Bad Fox And Other Tales(2018)

"despite minor misgiving, this is a film with a warm heart and warm characters, underpinned by the likeable voice cast who hit all the right comic notes"

In these days of smart CGI animation pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the medium, it’s somewhat refreshing to come across a more traditional approach in the guise of this French comedy, animated in a water-colour pastel style.

Framed around an all-animal theatre group, the ...

by Phil Slatter

The Escape(2018)

"Arterton, excellently expresses a woefulness versus a seizing passion"

Dominic Savage’s The Escape sees Gemma Arterton take ‘matrimonial misery’ to new heights, in a film that touches on relationships as a whole, marriage, the role of a woman under wedlock, and as a mother.

It arguably could be said that it is broken down into rhythmic breaths, a weary...

by Tremayne Miller