The Jungle Bunch(2017)

"only really suitable for very young children"

The Jungle Bunch is a very colourful feature animation based on a French, American and British collaboration CGI animated television series created by Jean-François Tosti, David Alaux, Eric Tosti in 2011. This 2017 animation film in English follows the adventures of Maurice, a penguin who thinks...

by Raj Virdi

Let Me Go(2017)

"Juliet Stevenson brings a fierce performance here"

All families have their secrets. Mistakes that have been learnt from and left in the past alongside things that needn’t be mentioned again to grandchildren whose thoughts are sure to be crushed. For 62 year old Helga, it has come a time when one big secret she has been harboring is sure to well...

by Gloria Daniels-Moss


"This is the story of creation, the story, as the one in the bible"

In the lead up to the release of Darren Aronofsky’s newest film Mother! very little was given away. The press was vague, the trailer enticing but lacking any coherent narrative and the posters equally as withholding. However, after seeing it I came to think that this was less of a ploy to gener...

by Naomi Joseph

Victoria and Abdul(2017)

"Victora & Abdul is a lovely, heartwarming film featuring two wonderful lead performances"

The British royals and Queen Victoria herself have been portrayed onscreen countless times so it is a surprise that there are many stories still to be told. I had never heard of Abdul Karim and his fascinating relationship with the monarch in the later years of her life so I am grateful to Victor...

by Hannah Wales

The Work(2017)

"McLeary and Aldous are relentless with making sure this comes across as unfiltered and as true as if you are in the room with them"

Jairus McLeary and Gethin Aldous's new documentary ‘The Work’ delves into Folsom Prison, California, and shows convicts as we have never seen them before.

The title refers to the type of work being used in prison to rehabilitate convicts and citizens alike; four men from outside join ...

by Camila Sayers


"moving and powerful film that offers a small window into the daily struggle faced by the people of Syria, a struggle that we all hope will soon reach its end"

The Syrian Civil War which has raged since 2011 is surely one of the most tragic episodes of the early Twenty First century, with it causing the deaths of thousands, the destruction of cities, the growth and spread of extremist groups and the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Thi...

by Graeme Robertson