"It’s a great skill to be so even-handed and lend both sympathy and anger to two sides of such a debate, but Maze manages to do just that"

Making a film set in Northern Ireland’s Maze prison during the 1980’s is no enviable task. Aside from facing the religious and political arguments that such a setting evokes, there is also the danger of having the final output compared to Steve McQueen’s brilliant Hunger, which saw Michael ...

by Phil Slatter


"beautiful, precious story that teaches the importance of family, following dreams and having a zest for life"

The expectations for this film, even before it was released were very high, what with the renowned quality of past collaborations (Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Inside Out) to name a few. From the beginning of this film it is clear that these expectations are not only met once again, they are exceeded...

by Camila Sayers

To Keep the Light(2017)

"It’s somewhat slow burning at times, but always well-performed by the small cast and Fae never allows her script to descend into melodrama"

It’s perhaps fitting that To Keep The Light is written, directed, produced and stars a woman in the form of the clearly very talented Erica Fae. At a time when the film industry finally appears to be addressing its own long-standing issues of sexism and equal opportunities, Fae has worked withi...

by Phil Slatter

The Commuter(2018)

"Collet-Serra does build tension up well and I was invested in the film, much more than I thought I would be"

Liam Neeson and Jaume Collet-Serra's latest collaboration, 'The Commuter' brings with it all the expectation one has when going to watch one of Neeson's films. Great acting of course, coupled with a sense that you will be watching a variation of one of his previous action roles.

I must sa...

by Camila Sayers


"makes for a reasonably enjoyable piece of cinema"

Directed by Fedor Bondarchuk, Attraction is a subtitled Russian science-fiction drama/romance film, which tells the story of a malfunctioning alien spacecraft that is shot down over Russia airspace, after entering the atmosphere over Finland and the aftermath of the crash. The plot also follows t...

by Raj Virdi


"Downsizing is a brilliant concept that got slightly lost in the making"

Set in a not so distant future, Downsizing is a social satire that explores a fictional and comic solution to the very much real environmental and economic problems that are afflicting our world. The plot revolves around Paul Safranek, a physical therapist, who had to settle in life and get an or...

by Federica Roberti