Toy Story 4(2019)

"the adventure of a lifetime, one not to be missed, an incredible addition to this wonderful franchise"

Directed by Josh Cooley, Toy Story 4 is the fourth entry in the beloved Toy Story franchise that sees Woody and the gang look after a newly made toy - Forky - a Spork turned toy, with Pipe cleaner arms and googley eyes, who believes himself to be trash and not a toy, even though he was brought to...

by Marc Jason Ali

Men in Black International(2019)

"it does earn some brownie points for at least expanding on the universe set up in the original films, something that previous team movies have failed to do"

After an absence of seven years since the last film in the MIB trilogy, MIB returns with the addition of "International" signifying the existence of the organisation as a global agency. The story this time doesn't utilise the characters created by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith so they do not mak...

by Raj Virdi

Dirty God(2019)

"A film to inspire, that does not solely focus on what it means to be a burns victim but also explores the subject of motherhood, and being young in today's society"

Dirty God is an unshrinking portrait of a determined young woman who faces a drastic change in how the public see her, after she is the victim in an acid attack.

Dirty God is director Sacha Polak’s first English language film, and as with Hemel and Zurich it adjusts the lens so that its...

by Tremayne Miller

X-Men: Dark Phoenix(2019)

"with a wonderful central performance from Sophie Turner, this is the Last Stand we have been waiting for"

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the latest entry in to the Fox Produced X-Men Universe, based on Marvel's iconic comic book arc The Dark Phoenix Saga by John Byrne and Chris Claremont, and I'll start off by saying that I have not read the comic books, my only knowledge of The Dark Phoenix Saga is from the...

by Marc Jason Ali


"the film is held together by a stunning, almost entirely solo, performance from Virginia Gardner"

Grief is a powerful emotion that all of us at one time or another in our lives will have to endure. Many films have attempted to depict the often painful and lonely experience that grief can put us through, often firmly rooting themselves in stark gritty reality when telling such a story. However...

by Graeme Robertson


"works best because our leading ladies are so incredible in their performances"

Occasionally there is a film that not only meets the hype surrounding it but surpasses it gleefully. Booksmart is one of those movies that has been receiving positive criticism all-around and it deserves every single iota of praise it is getting.

Directed by Olivia Wilde, the film revolve...

by Cookie N Screen (We Make Movies on Weekends)