A high-tech action drama set in the dangerous, exhilarating world of open-wheel racing, “Driven” centers on the lives and careers of four drivers chasing the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Talented but unfocused rookie Jimmy Bly is slipping in the rankings, cracking under pressure from his ambitious promoter brother. And it doesn’t help that Bly is pursuing an affair with Sophia, the girlfriend of his nemesis, top racer Beau Brandenburg.

With so much riding on Bly, seasoned car owner Carl Henry seeks help from former racing star Joe Tanto, whose once-promising career spun out after a tragic accident that nearly killed him and another driver.

But to steer Bly to the top, Tanto must navigate his scarred emotional past, maneuver around the hovering presence of a reporter covering the male-dominated racing scene, and contend with Cathy, his ex-wife, who has since married rival racing sensation Memo Moreno.

Caught between success, failure, regret and the need for speed, the four competitors are driven to put the pedal to the metal in pursuit of redemption and glory.
Welcome to the human race.

Shot over eight months at nine races in five countries, “Driven” features coverage of real races … including the fastest car chase and racing sequences ever filmed _ and utilizes state-of-the-art film technology to simulate the driver’s point of view while traveling at speeds in in excess of 240 miles-per-hour. For the first time, a feature film puts the audience in the driver’s seat of some of the fastest cars on earth.



October 05, 2001


Renny Harlin


Jan Skrentny & Neal Tabachnick (story)


Warner Bros. Pictures


Action, Sport




116 minutes