Temptation takes on a wickedly delicious new flavor in ABOUT ADAM, as every character is seduced. . . all by the same mysterious man: the sinfully sweet Adam. Like his Garden of Eden counterpart, this sexy modern Dubliner has become the apple of one woman’s eye – and everyone else’s forbidden fruit. 

It all begins with Lucy Owen (KATE HUDSON), a torch singer in a hip Dublin café, who’s had countless love affairs, none of which have ever come close to grand passion. Enter Adam (STUART TOWNSEND), her seemingly perfect man. From the minute she spots the handsome stranger, Lucy’s world begins to change. Adam is boyish, kind and eminently lovable – and he fulfills Lucy’s need for wild spontaneity while allowing her for the first time to feel the lure of commitment. Although she’s long avoided the L word there’s no doubt about it: Lucy has fallen. Best of all, Adam seems to really fit into Lucy’s close-knit Dublin family, winning over her two sisters – literary Laura (FRANCES O’CONNOR) and sophisticated Alice (CHARLOTTE BRADLEY) – as well as her mother (ROSALEEN LINEHAN) with his devastating charms. Even younger brother David (ALAN MAHER) is mesmerized. But is there more ABOUT ADAM than the Owens family imagines? 

The story provides four different views of Adam which turn into four different views on love – destined, liberating, ecstatic and unexpected. As Adam mischievously winds his way across trend-setting Dublin, bumping into each and every family member unexpectedly, one thing ABOUT ADAM becomes clear: he’s giving every member of the Owens family exactly what they want.



March 30, 2001


Gerard Stembridge


Gerard Stembridge


Miramax Films


Comedy, Romance




97 minutes