YAHOO! EXCLUSIVE: Acclaimed Actor Michael Douglas teases 'Ant-Man' future and says 'Romancing the Stone' sequel is possible | The Fan Carpet

YAHOO! EXCLUSIVE: Acclaimed Actor Michael Douglas teases ‘Ant-Man’ future and says ‘Romancing the Stone’ sequel is possible

25 July 2018

Michael Douglas wants to make a Marvel movie every couple of years, he reveals in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Movies UK today.

The veteran star, who has played Dr. Hank Pym in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2015’s Ant-Man, says he’s up for returning as much as possible.

“I’m enjoying it, I love it, at this point in my career I mean the idea of one of these every two and a half years is great,” Douglas said.

“It’s a great company to be with it, so for me, the joy of working with people that you already know, you don’t have to go through the formality of saying hello to, is great.”



However, the actor does say that his experience on the film has made him curious about which movies from his back-catalogue he could revisit using CGI technology.

“I liked Romancing the Stone, at that time I was producing it and that was my extent of special effects which were real stunts and real life so that’s all we knew,” Douglas explained. “I’m closing on my 50th year in the business and this has been my first green screen movie, so I came to it a little late and it’s been a blast, an absolute blast.

It’s nice the idea of being 30 years younger, I’ll agree with that, and it does give me the opportunity to go into some of my library of older films and see if it’s not something I might want to do.”

You can read the full interview on Yahoo! Movies UK here.

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