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Through the Creature’s Eyes: Screenwriter turned Author Richard Humphries’s Debut Sci-Fi novella THERIAN RED is OUT NOW

05 September 2018

Author Richard Humphries Releases Debut Sci-Fi Novella THERIAN RED

American writer Richard Humphries has released his novella THERIAN RED on paperback and ebook. A science-fiction/creature-run-amok story told entirely from the perspective of the creature. The titular Red has lived his whole life in a small, concrete cell and suffered numerous experiments at the hands of his human captors. He manages to escape and learns about the outside world before turning his attention to revenge.

A prolific writer, Richard Humphries co-wrote the Award Winning film 'Seize the Night' alongside British filmmaker Emma Dark. He has contributed to Ms. Dark's "Ask a Filmmaker" article in multiple issues of Digital FilmMaker Magazine; answering screenwriting related questions. His feature screenplay 'After Wolf' has garnered success with placements in contests such as the Semi-Finals of Stage 32's 3rd Annual Feature Screenwriting Contest and Quarter Finals for Spring 2018 Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Contest.



Author Richard Humphries's spoke of the novella's origins “The story's genesis is honestly with my appendix being removed earlier this year and I had a week to lie in bed and watch movies. I've always loved B creature films such as 'Them!' and 'Carnosaur', they're comfort food to me. I was watching dozens back-to-back; ultimately questioning 'how can a creature who's never been outside act so natural and not have it's mind blown by this new world?' I originally conceived THERIAN RED as a low-budget screenplay told entirely from a creature's POV; much like a dog or cat, he understands words and fragments of sentences, but the human dialogue would be virtually non-existent.

One page in I realised that the challenge in making such a film would most likely result in the screenplay being rewritten from page one to focus on the human characters. I shelved the idea for a while before coming across a favorite book from my childhood: 'Raptor Red' by Robert T. Bakker; a novel that takes place entirely from the perspective of a utahraptor during the Cretaceous. It sparked the idea of writing it in prose and the title is a reference to the Bakker's story. THERIAN RED is for fans of creature and monster-run-amok stories from a fresh perspective.”



THERIAN RED is currently available worldwide on Amazon in paperback & Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. Mr. Humphries is currently working on his follow-up novel 'SunChasers.'

The novella can be purchased on Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

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