The Perfect Blend: A Conversation with Fan Favourite April Rose Pengilly aka Chloe Brennan on Neighbours | The Fan Carpet

The Perfect Blend: A Conversation with Fan Favourite April Rose Pengilly aka Chloe Brennan on Neighbours

27 December 2018

April Rose Pengilly is an Australian actress and former model, best known for roles in LBF (2011), Object (2013) and Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door (2015). She was a contestant on the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars (2014) and her personal style blog has been nominated for three Blogster Awards.

Making a name for herself on the long running ever popular soap, The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali had the pleasure of speaking to April Rose Pengilly who is becoming a firm favourite on the show.

We talk about how it felt for her to get the call to join Neighbours, her original reaction to the illness storyline and getting closer to Elly Conway...


Did you have a defining moment to get into acting?

Well I actually began modelling while I was in high school, finished high school and then went into modelling full time and, you know, got to go all over the world working in modelling and then I got a part in a feature film just sort of through a friend and I had always wanted to act and I did a lot of musicals and plays in high school and yeah sort of decided to make the switch then given that I had that opportunity. But yeah I’m not sure about a defining moment, maybe in high school doing musicals (laughs).


Okay brilliant. So when you first got the call to join Neighbours how did it feel?

You know to be totally honest it was quite an overwhelming moment because I actually set my sights on the US and had been planning to go there for a long time but it’s quite difficult for us to get US Visa's and all of that business and then one thing or another, I basically tried to get there for six years and I was three weeks away from going, I just got my Visa and everything, and about with three weeks left to go, the call about Neighbours came (laughs) and I was like “No, there’s no way. I’m about to finally leave and Neighbours shoot in a different city” because I live out in Sydney for the main “happening” places in Australia and the show films down in Melbourne where I don’t really know anyone, so it was quite difficult, obviously it was a great opportunity so I couldn’t really pass it up, now that US Visa is just sitting there collecting dust (laughs).


Right so that came through as well (laughs) okay. When you did join the cast as Chloe, what was the reception like from the rest of the cast?

Yeah everyone was really lovely when I went in... obviously I had done a lot of work here, you know, a lot of guest roles in feature films and short films and things like that and made a name for myself through modelling and then through acting roles later, but I knew that this show is decades old and airs all over the World and is such a big thing and it’s very unique in the way that it works and the way that the actors have to work on it, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t go in with any preconceptions, I just didn’t want anyone to think that I was all about myself or, you know, thought I was above it or anything, so I made sure to come in with a good open attitude, willing to learn about the way that they do things on the show and sort of having no airs of anything like that (laughs).

I understood that I was new to that World of this specific show and everyone was really lovely and welcoming and showed me around, I was actually joking the other day that Matt who plays my brother Aaron he gave me a tour during my first week and everything he showed off was absolutely great, and I’ve never used anything or been to any of the areas he showed me on the tour, he didn’t show me where any of the sets where or the studios, he took me to the far reaches of the property where the studios are, where I’ve never been to again and he took me up into the top rooms of the big prop warehouse where I think a few little creatures might live up there, yeah it was just so funny (laughs) this very silly tour that was just so useless but it was great to spend some time with him and he was so lovely and helped me to adjust to the show.






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