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SUPERGIRL: The Complete Third Season Available NOW – Silver Banshee, Livewire, Reign, Astra, Rhea, Indigo: Best Supervillains!

20 September 2018

Since the arrival a few years back of the Arrowverse, comic book fans have been treated to highly acclaimed incarnations of some of their favourite superheroes (and supervillains!), along with brand new characters specially created for DC TV.

To celebrate the release of Supergirl: The Complete Third Season, out now on Blu-Ray and DVD, here’s a look at our favourite villains from the smash hit DC TV show!

Silver Banshee
Portrayed by Italia Ricci in Supergirl, Silver Banshee first appeared in Action Comics all the way back in 1987 as an opponent to Superman. Though, bizarrely, she is a superheroine in DC’s Superhero Girl series (along with other Batman villainesses), in Supergirl, much like in her previous appearance in Smallville (where she was portrayed by Odessa Rae), we see the villainous side loyal to the original character. Descending from a family cursed by a banshee spirit, and soon uncovered by The Flash as a metahuman, Silver Banshee aims to kill Supergirl in order to lift her family’s curse, believing her to be the object of her rage.



First appearing in Superman: The Animated Series in 1997, and played by American actress Brit Morgan in Supergirl, Livewire’s adopted her electrical superpowers by accident when Supergirl rescued her from a helicopter crash. Initially teaming up with Silver Banshee in order to kill Supergirl, Livewire eventually agrees to a truce with Supergirl when the latter rescues her from Dr. Hampton, a scientist attempting to create a line of electricity-based metahuman super soldiers by using Livewire’s own superpowers. Livewire does find redemption in a manner we won’t spoil… you’ll have to catch Season 3 for that!



Hiding under the alias of Samantha Arias, Reign, hailing from good old Krypton, is one of five Worldkillers in the DC Comics Universe, first appearing in 2012. Samantha’s transformation into Reign in Season 3 is one of the series’ most heart-breaking moments. A genetically-altered Kryptonian (i.e. – a biological weapon) sent to Earth as a baby, Reign ultimately gains control of her alter-ego by manipulating the latter’s fear for the future of her child, which she’s raising as a single mother, and thus commencing her transformation.



When it comes to villains, Astra’s story is one within the series that really touches on the subject of troubled family relationships. Astra is in fact the twin sister of Supergirl’s mother Alura. Astra and Kara had a very strong bond back in Krypton while Kara was still a child, something that Alura took advantage of in order to capture her twin sister, who by now had become a warlord and criminal, shortly before sending Kara to Earth ahead of Krypton’s impending doom. So you can see why she would have a chip on her shoulder and eventually become the main antagonist of Season 1.



“Wait… wasn’t that?” Indeed, you’ve definitely seen her before. You may best remember Teri Hatcher from Desperate Housewives or her 007 turn in Tomorrow Never Dies. But if you’re an avid DC fan, you may well also remember her as Lois Lane in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, a TV smash hit back in the mid-90s! Which makes her appearance as the supervillain Rhea all the more surprising. Or does it? Rhea, as well as being the Queen of Krypton’s rival planet Daxam, also plays the most evil mother-in-law imaginable, attempting to kill Supergirl in order to convince her son (Mon-El, Supergirl’s love interest in the series) to come back to his home planet. However, this isn’t Hatcher’s first turn as a DC villain… she previously played an evil Lois Lane imposter in the second season of Lois & Clark.



Talk about the ultimate cameo! In Supergirl, Indigo is played by Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort, who you may remember as she played the show’s titular character in Smallville! Indigo, previously known as Brainiac 8, first appeared in the DC comic book Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day. In Supergirl, she dies and later comes back to life thanks to her alliance with Supergirl’s uncle and enemy Non (Astra’s husband, no less), ultimately attempting to destroy Earth before Supergirl once again saves the day in the first season’s spectacular finale.




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