From Pies in the Face to BeyBlade to Jedi: Play spinning battles and carnival fun with Hasbro's latest Toys and Games! | The Fan Carpet

From Pies in the Face to BeyBlade to Jedi: Play spinning battles and carnival fun with Hasbro’s latest Toys and Games!

21 September 2017

Kids are back at school but the fun doesn't have to stop, thanks to Hasbro's great range of new products and toys. We are bringing you new Kitchen Creations sets from Play-Doh as well as the new range of toys and playsets from Tangled the Series to imagine hair raising adventures.

Celebrate the upcoming film Star Wars: The Last Jedi with an exciting range of interactive toys, and get ready to dance all day with Dancing Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. Explore your emotions with the Hanazuki Moodgleam Wearable and Hemka Plush, and, following on from the hugely popular Pie Face, test your strength with new Pie Face Sky High!


Product Name: Pie Face Sky High

The hilarious and wildly popular Pie Face game now lets players test their strength in Pie Face Sky High as they attempt to give their opponent a face full of whipped cream. Pie Face Sky High is set up like a strength-tester carnival game, towering over 3 feet tall! While one player stands and looks through the mask, the other spins the spinner to see the difficulty level and the number of swings, then hits the base plate with the plastic hammer hard enough to "pie" their opponent! Score a point each time an opponent gets "pied" and the first player to reach 3 points wins.
RRP: £26.99

Stockists: Available in all good retailers

Product Name: Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magic Oven

With Play-Doh Kitchen Creations, the only ingredient needed is your little chef's imagination! With this light-up toy oven, junior chefs can make Play-Doh foods rise almost like magic! Simply put some Play-Doh compound in a baking tray and place it in the oven. Press the lever and see the Play-Doh food "bake" as the lights turn on. The lights change from white to red as it finishes "baking", and hear it "ding" when it's done!
RRP: £24.99

Stockists: Available in all good retailers

Product Name: Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Breakfast Bakery

Play-Doh breakfast time is the best way to start the day! Create the most colorful pretend breakfast menu possible with the waffle maker and accessories. This double-decker waffle maker doesn't just make wacky waffles – it makes almost any Play-Doh breakfast dish imaginable! Open the top to shape square or round Play-Doh waffles, silly sausages, and make-believe fruits and vegetables. The bottom half creates pretend pancakes, imaginary toast, and Play-Doh toppings.
RRP: £15.99

Stockists: Available in all good retailers

Product Name: Disney Tangled the Series Rapunzel figure

In Disney's Tangled the Series, golden haired and irrepressibly spirited Rapunzel postpones her duties as princess to seek out adventure and discover her destiny! Inspired by the Disney Channel animated series, this Rapunzel doll features her awesomely long hair and a bendable braid for twisting and styling fun! She's highly articulated for adventure-ready poses and wears her adventure dress inspired by the series!
RRP: £14.99

Stockists: Available in all good retailers

Product Name: Disney Tangled Spin 'n' Style Rapunzel

Rapunzel's magical golden hair takes on a life of its own in Disney's Tangled the Series! Inspired by the action-packed animated series, this doll brings hair-twisting action to life! Squeeze the Rapunzel doll's skirt and style her super long locks as she spins. Keep spinning for more styles! And don't forget about Pascal (he's one of the hair pieces)!
RRP: £19.99

Stockists: Available in all good retailers

Product Name: Tangled Swinging Locks Castle

Disney's Rapunzel is eager to seek adventure and discover her destiny both inside and outside the castle walls! The Swinging Locks Castle offers 2 sides of play in which kids can help the included Rapunzel doll slide down the zip line into her bedroom, swing in royal style, and move Pascal up and down the castle in a pale! The pale unclips and kids can replace it with Rapunzel in her hair chair. Move Rapunzel up to the second level where she can sit in her book nook! Spin the sundial at the top of the tower to make the lanterns whirl.
RRP: £49.99

Stockists: Available in all good retailers

Path Of The Force Lightsaber
Product Name: Star Wars Path of the Force Lightsaber

With the Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber, kids can imagine battling on the side of the Jedi with included Jedi connector piece featuring blue lights, or wield the Lightsaber on the side of the Sith with the Sith connector that features red light effects! Easily switch connector pieces to fight with a blue Jedi blade or a red Sith blade. Also compatible with other Bladebuilder lightsabers, for more customisable action!

Stockists: Available in all good retailers

Product Name: Star Wars Force Link Starter Set

Bring the galaxy to life with the Star Wars Force Link Starter Set! The Force Link wearable technology can be used to activate lights, sounds, and phrases in Force Link-activated figures, accessories, vehicles, and playsets! When you wear the Force Link wearable technology and pick up the 3.75-inch scale figures, they can activate authentic sounds and phrases!

Stockists: Available in all good retailers

Product Name: Interactech Kylo Ren

With over 60 different sound effects and phrases, the Interactech Kylo Ren figure uses a motion sensor to respond to specific movements and activate awesome battle effects. Equip the figure with the included Lightsaber accessory to see it light up, or put the helmet on the figure to hear phrases and battle sounds! Drop and catch the figure to hear soaring sound effects, or walk the figure forward to activate movement-specific phrases. Lunge and sweep the Kylo Ren figure while Lightsaber is in its hand to hear the iconic pulsating Lightsaber sound effect!

Stockists: Available in all good retailers

Beyblade Epic Rivals Set
Product Name: Beyblade Burst Epic Rivals Set

Beyblade Burst brings wild fun to the Beyblade Burst Beystadium. Energy Layers, Forge Discs, and Performance Tips are interchangeable with other Beyblade Burst tops, for customisation. The Beyblade Burst Epic Rivals Battle Set includes 2 Beyblade Burst tops, 2 Beyblade Burst launchers, and 1 Beyblade Burst Beystadium. Scan the Beyblade Burst top to unleash it in the Beyblade Burst app and let it rip!
RRP: £39.99

Stockists: Available in all good retailers


Product Name: Hanazuki Plush Hemka Pink/Loving

Goofy sidekicks to Hanazuki throughout her adventures, each Hemka represents an extreme version of a mood, expressed through their color. Their silly faces, short bodies, and long ears also help to show what they're feeling. Full of love and syrupy sweetness, the pink hemka wants to give hugs...all the time! This pink plush Hemka figure has an ultra-expressive, adorable face. Attach it to a backpack or around the wrist with the hook-and-loop fasteners behind its long ears. Link together the Hemka plush (each sold separately) to create a chain of moods! Stash treasures in its secret back pocket too (treasures not included).
RRP: £6.99

Stockists: Available in all good retailers 

Product Name: Hanazuki Moodgleam Wearable

Express colourful moods like Hanazuki with the Moodgleam wearable wristband! Attach a treasure to the sensor on either side, and the Moodgleam wearable lights up and glows in the color matching that treasure! Attach a treasure to both sensors to express 2 moods at once. The wearable also connects to the downloadable Hanazuki app via Bluetooth and interacts through light displays and in-app surprises! Attach up to 5 more Hanazuki treasures on the wristband so it's easy to switch which moods are being expressed throughout each day and show off favorite treasures! (Additional treasures sold separately.)
RRP: £19.99

Stockists: Available in all good retailers 


Product Name: Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot

Bring the ultra-groovy style of Guardians of the Galaxy to life with this music-playing, sound-detecting, limb-shaking Dancing Groot! This 11.5-inch Dancing Groot figure is nearly the same size as Groot from the upcoming Guardians of Galaxy: Volume 2 movie, and features a clip from the song “Come A Little Bit Closer” from the movie soundtrack, so that when the far-out beat starts to play, Groot can’t help but to get those roots in motion! Groot can also detect external music, so when the figure recognizes tunes from a phone, tablet, or other device, Dancing Groot starts to boogie!
RRP: £35.00

Stockists: Available in all good retailers 

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