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27 November 2017

I had the pleasure of joining a press group for an Immersive Zombie experience hosted by Zed Events in Reading that takes place... During a Staff Christmas Party.

Throughout the experience you are guided by armed personnel into different rooms where you are chased relentlessly by hoards of the flesh eating dead. Eventually you're given a shotgun of your own and at times are separated into groups to figure out how to survive the ordeal... but the Zombies are not the only enemy to be wary of.

Many months ago I volunteered to be a Zombie at an event in London where I would jump out at people scaring the hell out of them....and then be shot in the face at close range. Here I'm on the other side shooting Zombies and trying to figure out ways to help survive the ordeal. I would strongly... STRONGLY advise you pay attention to the security escorts as they will drop hints on how to complete your objective. A lot of the area is like where John McClane was hiding for most of Die Hard... but also pitch black so you can hardly see a thing... until The Zombies jump out and attack you. There’s a lot running, A lot of shooting, a lot of figuring out and a lot of screaming... it'll mostly be you that's doing the screaming as these zombies aren't messing around. You're chased up and down stairs and in very VERY Dark rooms where a flashlight (that cuts out after a few seconds) is your only means of seeing what's in front of you.



This was my first EVER Experience shooting Zombies with a team and I gotta say it was pretty damn scary as everything got real FAST! One minute we're all chatting and chilling to traditional Christmas tunes (from Mariah to 'Let it Snow' from 'Die Hard') next minute we're being rushed into a room in total panic with our hearts beating so damn FAST. The actors were not messing around as they were running us all around the building like it was boot camp... cause you ain't out for a stroll when you're getting chased by these crazy zombies who look as real as they get and sound scary too. One lady had one loud chilling scream that meant things were about to get real. Keep an eye out for some puzzle solving too. The area is an abandoned shopping centre that makes for an eerie and creepy atmosphere where danger lurks around every corner and there’s no telling what other dangers lie in wait. A lot of random steel fences, pallets and construction mess all over the building that sets the tone quite well.



I cannot recommend this event enough for all y'all who want to celebrate the holiday season shooting Zombies. Book now for your experience with your party at Zed Events.

More Photos on Facebook | Written by Jonathan Hughes

About Zed Events
Known the world over, our 250,000 Sqft abandoned shopping centre is one of a kind. Explore over 200 rooms including shops, security offices, balconies even the haunted children’s soft play area!

But be careful, not all is as it seems since Centesis Pharmaceuticals took over the premises for their clinical trials and experiments. You might just find a laboratory or some "subject" cells to explore!

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